Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2016.12.30 at Oregon State - 23 Pts, 6 Rebs, 7 Assists!

>>SQUADawkins>>Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2016.12.30 at Oregon State - 23 Pts, 6 Rebs, 7 Assists!
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Artis Doughpe:
Reading all these comments now to see how wrong people were.
Callum Brown:
Lonzo Will fit Lakers 100% more watch him can see the potential Lakers fans will be off there seats!
Glotaku !:
Somehow he's not a good athlete even though he can out run defenders down the court and catch lobs from half court
J D:
Bill Walton having a orgasm every time Ball does anything Lmaoo.
J Smooove:
i appreciate how you put the foul shots in the the small window during the camera transition
J. Jnz:
wow.. the level of competition in the NCAA has completely fallen off.. this looks like a high school game..
Louis Albert Roslinda:
Lol such a humble and nice guy at 0:59
Mason Wong:
Lonzo looked hella fast on one of those transition plays wow
any one catch the osu cheerleader clapping for lonzo at 3:00 ...she wants the D
Underground Famous:
Dude is nice, if he is going to the Lakers, watch out!!
don ice:
Watching this Nov 2017. He probably needs a haircut.
george mikal:
"great players they breath life" such a bill walton thing to say
keith vil:
WTF that dunk at 3:08 holly molly fcking so dangerous damn ; still wondering why some dickhead hates lonzo ball Lmfao!
pussan Fertil:
Lakers might have the best player at 2😬
ray rudis:
I hope fultz goes to Boston and ball goes to the Lakers it would be nice to have that rivalry back

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