Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2016.12.30 at Oregon State - 23 Pts, 6 Rebs, 7 Assists!

>>SQUADawkins>>Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2016.12.30 at Oregon State - 23 Pts, 6 Rebs, 7 Assists!
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DeadMoNeyProductions BP:
Lamelo ball is better...lonz has ugly shot
Ensign Gaming:
If I'm Lonzo I will start fucking college bitches bro.
Looks like Shane Battier with an ugly shot like Kevin Martin.
Frenchy P.k.A. JeenyuZ:
I actually like Lonzo's shooting form. I don't see what's so ugly about it. Have you seen Shawn Marion shoot? Now THAT... is UGLY.
Healthy MBS:
Ball can make some shots. His footwork will get exposed at the next level. He looks like another Jeremy Lin. Certainly not top 10 draft pick worthy
Joe Brooks:
Yo I hope the ball brothers all end up this good
Kolaso Keirus:
Hes gonna suck so bad in nba omg.. biggest bust ive ever seen
Kuro Yomo:
2:22 the way he said that is just so damn wrong wtf pass me with that homosexual commentator
Lau MX:
Alonzo 'BALL' so strongggnn (2.25 start)
Mantas Bankauskas:
round the world with the ball with no bounce
Mark Cyril:
hes not the next curry..........curry has a more quicker release and a better shooting form. his handles aren't that great and he is just 25% percent of curry's abilities
Marky Mark:
Future Laker
The Chiraq Soldier:
He can be better then curry ...seth curry
Underground Famous:
Dude is nice, if he is going to the Lakers, watch out!!
kid smith:
bruh this a live my player lmao with the shot n all

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