Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2016.12.30 at Oregon State - 23 Pts, 6 Rebs, 7 Assists!

>>SQUADawkins>>Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2016.12.30 at Oregon State - 23 Pts, 6 Rebs, 7 Assists!
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DeadMoNeyProductions BP:
Lamelo ball is better...lonz has ugly shot
Ensign Gaming:
If I'm Lonzo I will start fucking college bitches bro.
Looks like Shane Battier with an ugly shot like Kevin Martin.
Frenchy P.k.A. JeenyuZ:
I actually like Lonzo's shooting form. I don't see what's so ugly about it. Have you seen Shawn Marion shoot? Now THAT... is UGLY.
J Valette:
Lol Oregon cheerleader caught herself cheering for ball 3:00
Joe Brooks:
Yo I hope the ball brothers all end up this good
Kolaso Keirus:
Hes gonna suck so bad in nba omg.. biggest bust ive ever seen
Kuro Yomo:
2:22 the way he said that is just so damn wrong wtf pass me with that homosexual commentator
Lau MX:
Alonzo 'BALL' so strongggnn (2.25 start)
Mark Cyril:
hes not the next curry..........curry has a more quicker release and a better shooting form. his handles aren't that great and he is just 25% percent of curry's abilities
Marky Mark:
Future Laker
The Chiraq Soldier:
He can be better then curry ...seth curry
kid smith:
bruh this a live my player lmao with the shot n all
lavi ya tu sabes:
please go with the Lakers all you ball brothers we need to be the best again
He reminds me of Anfernee Hardaway. Athletic, great feel for the game, good vision and funky outside shot.

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