TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney postgame press conference after winning National Championship

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Austin Lewis:
As far as me being an Alabama fan, I will say this! I am so disgusted of how Bama played against Clemson! We probably got the worst kind of defensive players right now that I have ever heard of! They're mentality is awful! They're attitude is awfull! And believe this to all Alabama and Coach Saban haters, especially this vile and most cruel poor excuse of a person named Duke Moose! If we didn't have all these awesome recruiting players, we wouldn't have won 6 f-----g games this year! Alright! Not even 6! To split the national championship with Clemson the two years, we needed these players for Alabama! Without them, we wouldn't even have a chance to make a bowl game. I bet the Tide will finish 3-9 (0-8 SEC) next year! How about that Duke Moose?! You happy now?!?!?! In fact, I bet all the LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Ohio State, Michigan, and even Clemson fans would've liked it if the tornado that struck Tuscaloosa in 2011 destroyed the whole University of Alabama campus, destroyed the lovely Bryant Denny Stadium, and killed over 170 people including Coach Saban and the players! Alabama was so fortunate that did not happen! Because if it did, the football program would be ruined and Alabama football would be over and the whole campus is doomed from the day it was created! All of the haters and especially the great Duke Moose, you all are pathetic! You all are heartless! You all are cold hearted! You all are despicable! You all are cruel and an embarrassment to all the Alabama fans out there! I mean I just can't say any other vile and cruel things to say to you all "Bama haters"! Period!!! πŸ˜‘πŸ’©πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ή
BamBam Bammer:
Roll Tide. congrats Clemson and Dabo. great season.
Charles Brown:
Two of Clemson TD should have been flagged for pick off the defensive back but hey it's all good ROLL TIDE..
El daman:
Alot of faith in something you cant see or touch. Hmmmm.......
Dabo is a humble guy. He did nothing but praise the Alabama team and their coach. Clemson was the better team because they won. No one can dispute that. Would be great to see the three-match plus overtime. Now that would be Awesome!! This game will go down as one of the best games since the 2005 and 2000 National Championships.
Jeff Spangler:
Coach Swinney is such a class act. Congrats to him and all the Clemson Tigers.
Johnny Kham:
Where the bandwagons at now?!!!
Julius Johnson:
This is the kind of coach players should loved play for
Pernell Hill:
"If it's not mission critical, we ain't interested"
Raul Casiano:
Can we all agree god isn't a sports fan and if he is then can he stop watching sports and help all the people that really need it. Sorry dabo but reason you'll won was 99 offensive plays and having good players playing with heart.
Riggan Rose:
Damn, Dabo. Butthurt much? On the biggest night of Clemson football and the biggest night of his own career, it takes him all of four minutes to start whining again about his player losing out on the Heisman. Class act? Not sure where people are getting that. This is mad disrespect to the Heisman WINNER, who won deservedly so. Note to Watson; you want a Heisman? Don't wait till the last few weeks of the season to turn it on and then cry like a baby when you come up short. I mean shit, you've been through this process twice now. You know you didn't do enough in the regular season. Strange enough to hear a player whine as much as Watson has, but just bizarre that his COACH is sitting next to the national championship trophy and STILL openly going "waah waaaaah WAAAAAAAAHH!"
Stephen Reddish:
It's not an upset it's an expectation.....mic drop
Even though I'm a gamecock, I gotta admit I was thrilled when Clemson won. I hate you guys on the field lol, but you guys have fought for this for years. Dabo is one hell of a coach, and I don't think there is a coach in the NCAA that has more love for his team. Great win Tigers!! But go Gamecocks!!
As a life-long BAMA fan it hurt to lose this championship.. HOWEVER, I am very happy for Dabo and his tigers... they deserved it.. they won it.... If you want to see what faith and belief in one's self along with determination and perseverance can do, look no further than coach Swinney.. He is a good person as well as a good coach...
Great times lie ahead for Clemson..... Enjoy them! (PS - when Nick leaves we want Dabo back!)