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Charles Brown:
Two of Clemson TD should have been flagged for pick off the defensive back
but hey it's all good ROLL TIDE..
clemson tigers the champions of PISS and SHIT,

and the three dipshits up front,,, scrub no talent crawl on jock licker of
a coach, scrub scam newton wannabe future nobody in the nfl and the pick
running scrub for a receiver,
it could not be more obvious this game was rigged since the first comments
out of the scrub dabo's mouth on the field was "this is for the ohio sts of
the world", LMFAO who says that ever after you win a game, 9 straight
penalties called against Alabama and the ILLEGAL pick play at the end that
the corrupt little ten paid off ref's ignored to let you scrubs win, what a

enjoy and put a * beside this one scrubs, it will be another 50 years
before you sniff another one.
El daman:
Alot of faith in something you cant see or touch. Hmmmm.......
Dabo is a humble guy. He did nothing but praise the Alabama team and their
coach. Clemson was the better team because they won. No one can dispute
that. Would be great to see the three-match plus overtime. Now that would
be Awesome!! This game will go down as one of the best games since the 2005
and 2000 National Championships.
Jeff Spangler:
Coach Swinney is such a class act. Congrats to him and all the Clemson
Jessica Tate:
Anybody notice that the first comment out of Dabo's mouth was congrats to
Alabama and for Saban's press conference he just spent the time lamenting
Alabama's loss?
Johnny Kham:
Where the bandwagons at now?!!!
Julius Johnson:
This is the kind of coach players should loved play for
Pernell Hill:
"If it's not mission critical, we ain't interested"
Quinton Gauge (LEGENDARY):
35 yrs since the last championship and we scored 35 points #higher power at
Raul Casiano:
Can we all agree god isn't a sports fan and if he is then can he stop
watching sports and help all the people that really need it. Sorry dabo but
reason you'll won was 99 offensive plays and having good players playing
with heart.
Riggan Rose:
Damn, Dabo. Butthurt much? On the biggest night of Clemson football and the
biggest night of his own career, it takes him all of four minutes to start
whining again about his player losing out on the Heisman. Class act? Not
sure where people are getting that. This is mad disrespect to the Heisman
WINNER, who won deservedly so. Note to Watson; you want a Heisman? Don't
wait till the last few weeks of the season to turn it on and then cry like
a baby when you come up short. I mean shit, you've been through this
process twice now. You know you didn't do enough in the regular season.
Strange enough to hear a player whine as much as Watson has, but just
bizarre that his COACH is sitting next to the national championship trophy
and STILL openly going "waah waaaaah WAAAAAAAAHH!"
Stephen Reddish:
It's not an upset it's an expectation.....mic drop
Warren Hudson:
Great win Clemson definitely not an upset , Roll Tide !!!!
As a life-long BAMA fan it hurt to lose this championship.. HOWEVER, I am
very happy for Dabo and his tigers... they deserved it.. they won it.... If
you want to see what faith and belief in one's self along with
determination and perseverance can do, look no further than coach Swinney..
He is a good person as well as a good coach...
Great times lie ahead for Clemson..... Enjoy them! (PS - when Nick leaves
we want Dabo back!)