Dabo Swinney's Victory Speech 2017 National Championship

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Fuck Clemson yall cheated it was afishal
Juan Kilakkupomocha:
What an incredible championship game! #gotigers
Dabo, I just love you. :) Thank you for the blessing you are to our community. <3

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As we all know, the Clemson Tigers clinched the Collage Football National Championship on January 9, 2017, beating Alabama in a nail-biter 35-31.

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney is the only man since 1936 (which marked the beginning of the AP poll era) to have a national championship as both a player and as a coach. His speech during the trophy presentation on Monday night was moving. He focused on the culture and character of his team.

He has instilled in his team the importance of loving each other, handling the spotlight with wisdom, and perseverance. This culture and work ethic took the Clemson Tigers to the mountain top for the first time in 35 years. Through perseverance, the Tigers won the game with a stunning touchdown in the final seconds of regulation play to shock the Crimson Tide and the world. Below is a transcript and video of Dabo Swinney’s victory speech.

“It’s a blessing. It’s surreal. I love my team. I told them tonight that the difference in this game would be the love that they have for each other. I knew they wouldn’t quit. And I talked to them about letting the light inside of them always be brighter than the light that’s shining on them and if they focused on that, they’d be okay. But, I’m just telling you, only God can do this. Eight years ago Terry Don Phillips gave me a chance to lead this program. We set out to put Clemson back on top. We came up a little short last year, but tonight at the top of the mountain that Clemson flag is flying. And I’m telling you…this has been the most incredible team I’ve ever been around. Y’all saw there hearts, and it’s been there all year, despite what some people say. Our fans, they deserve this. Thirty five years since Clemson has been on top. Credit to all of my teams. All of my teams have have a piece of these. They’ve all been a part of this journey. It’s been a heck of ride. And everything we’ve done once, we’ve done again. Hopefully before they put me out to pasture we can do this a few more times. Go Tigers.”