LaMelo Ball Shoots From Wherever He Wants... | FULL HIGHLIGHTS MaxPreps Holiday Invitational

>>BallerVisions>>LaMelo Ball Shoots From Wherever He Wants... | FULL HIGHLIGHTS MaxPreps Holiday Invitational
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Great shooting accuracy. but lets see what this guy can do in college
Acemoe Buckets:
The next regie miller/ ray Allen / Stephen curry
Big Dawg100:
wtf where the defense at from the other team
Braden Wentling:
It's so impressive but cringy at the same time. Since he shot almost every time he had the ball
Danny Cooper:
Im not a fan of his game at all, he is talented of course, but i dont like his game in the slightest, just my opinion.
Ethan McCaig:
All chino hills does is play shitty teams that they can cherry pick on the kid has skill but the team forsnt
Long Vo:
except shooting form, this kid is perfect PG
Mirmir H:
he's lethal but his for is so ugly like don't try to understand his form
Neil Patel:
This dude is the next Steph Curry, but so many times better! And I'm sure he won't blow a 3-1 lead.
Rodica Catona:
it pisses me off how ass his opponents are like bitch the fuck you leaving him wide open for like damn his 3 percentage is like 90%
Stelaras 15:
He is special and talented, but I don't know why he looks so bored plus he has a weird shooting style that can be easily blocked
Troy Lee Newgent:
its almost effortless i think he will b better than big bro lanzo
mervin esguerra:
At his senior year I bet he's gonna be ranked 1-3 in his clas
Its like the NBA,................ NOONE plays any fucking defense.
richard escobar:
he only getting attention because of lonzo ball, if yall would've never heard of lonzo nobody knows about him

    LaMelo Ball went viral this week... His halfcourt shot VS Foothill got millions of views across multiple media sources and even Stephen Curry had something to say about it... Full highlights from the UCLA bound sophomore LaMelo Ball at the MaxPreps Holiday Classic!



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