LaMelo Ball Shoots From Wherever He Wants... | FULL HIGHLIGHTS MaxPreps Holiday Invitational

>>BallerVisions>>LaMelo Ball Shoots From Wherever He Wants... | FULL HIGHLIGHTS MaxPreps Holiday Invitational
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Alessandro Vitiello:
The only person I have seen with this range is Steph Curry.
Alpha Black:
I'm not hating when I say this cus he can ball frfr but where's the highlights on defense?
Dude looks so feminine with his wnba jumper and half assed little jog.
CwC. Mendoza:
If He Gets His Brothers Height And Starts Bangin, Demi God!
Dave Adriano:
all I can see is a basketball court full of james harden's defense.
Eli Rogers:
Wait hold up show all his shot attempts I feel bad for his team
Gucci Gang:
He doing all that shit now but watch when he get to the NBA they going to tear his little ass up
JDAN #3:
1:32 see that nigga hit that half court
Jack N. Cheeze:
Everybody says he's talented when he makes only two out of the ten shots he goes for
Kenny Powers:
Lol at all these fucking haters. The dude is fucking 15! Sit down with that bullshit the kid is cold as fuck.
Dad obviously sold his soul to Satan. He asked for his sons to be basketball legends. Now his father is trying not to die. It's obvious that liangelo didn't get the wish caz he's ass jk about him being trash. Satan harder
Riqqq Samson:
How many of yall think hes gonna be the next steph curry
Solar _ Eclipse:
ill admit that hes good. But i think hes kinda of a ball hog. i mean he only passed like 3 or 4 times
Stephen Kennedy:
This is embarrassing for the game of basketball.
joao massot:
There are some similarities with MJ, that's all i'm gonna say...

    LaMelo Ball went viral this week... His halfcourt shot VS Foothill got millions of views across multiple media sources and even Stephen Curry had something to say about it... Full highlights from the UCLA bound sophomore LaMelo Ball at the MaxPreps Holiday Classic!



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