Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy

>>TylerFarrVEVO>>Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy
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Birdy Bird:
The new guy looks like Stewart from mad tv
Emma Bryan:
I'm stuck on this song. I keep on listening to it and the son take my drunk ass home by Luke Bryan and tomorrow never comes by The Zac Brown Band
Jim Bob:
this what i did to my ex-girlfriend she cheated on me
Justin White:
he will b in Consert at the County fair in my hometown I am guna go watch his Consert
Lisa Caraballo:
I love the fact that he has the BALLS to say hes ABOUT to get his "Pissed off on" before doing it. So, let it be!
Marissa Patterson:
My little brother is redneck crazy, my mom is badass crazy, my grandpa is old sailor crazy, my husband is goofy stoner crazy and I'm the kind of crazy you take pills for. Makes me wonder what kind of crazy my kids will be lol
Mark Cramer:
the worst feeling in a man life going throw it right now. I worked my ass off for a whore I was married to for 21 years and hear to find out she was fucking my friends to talk about wanting to throw beer cans at her time is coming. loved the women to death and she didn't give to fucks about it.
Miguel Maineez:
country is the purest form of music love it
Sherri Turner:
I'm a female and I love this song!! Glad finally a guy stood up to us women!!
"I'm gonna trespass on your property, illegally harrass you with my headlights, and throw empty beer cans at your house, but hey, I didn't come here to start a fight"...

pretty much pulled this exact stunt. threw beer bottles instead of beer cans though

just got out of jail, couple guys i was locked up with told me to listen to this song. "your story" they told me. lol cheers to those guys
clueless haily:
i love this song but i also love withdrawals
dirty b:
is that colt ford in the beginning?
jennifer mckeown:
yeah jimmy you did drive me redneck crazy
jezzabelle victorian:
Wish u would show up at my house 😍😍

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I'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows
Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows
I didn't come here to start a fight, but I'm up for anything tonight
You know you broke the wrong heart, baby,
And drove me redneck crazy
Redneck crazy