Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy

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Bryson Plumber:
She got with a all out city boy cause society told her that he was more GQ, he probably had a little bit of...what do they call it ,....oh yea ..."game". Silver tounged and soft as hell. Some how she figured out that he fit the label of being a real man. Brainwashed by years of fake reality and a changing opinionated world designed to make those more cunning and less real "more irresistible". It's time to bring the real men back to the pedestal and pay more attention to the true definition of a man. Just because u are successful , it does not mean u are a true man by definition.
Casey Gentry:
The girl is standing up all fearless and that guy is behind her all pussy like
Cassady Fuller:
I am a girl so I replaced him with her
Clorox Bleach:
why is this video just assuming all city boys are shit
DSDH Legit:
a song with a lot of meaning for me and my family lost a 14 and 16 yr old and this was one of the funeral songs means alot to us xxxx Thanks Tyler Farr for an awesome song and a connection to such young lives lost to soon ( Mrs bandi )
David Lewis:
it's so funny how people can talk shit about other by if u take the time to look at your own life I bet it Ain't no fairy tail either so before u judge ask your self how I would like hearing people talk shit about u
Elizabeth Anne Rhodes:
Sad thing is I would actually do this.
Evie Thames:
red neck crazy aka duck commander commercial with music 😒
Kymber Radmer:
I've been driven to red neck crazy!!!
Leroy Peterson:
I love being a red neck and I love the southern flag. Remember were Americans too
Madison & Kevin Bennett:
I think I see Lee Brice in the video
Sondra Wilburn:
"I'm about to get my pissed off on!"👊🏼
Taylor Lewis:
This is the song I listened too when I losted my grandpa
Vipers Sting:
Stupid retards it's colt freakin ford it ain't lee Brice they look nothing alike so shut ur stupid retarded mouths
super mario bros 3:
fuck you guys that don't like thes song

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I'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows
Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows
I didn't come here to start a fight, but I'm up for anything tonight
You know you broke the wrong heart, baby,
And drove me redneck crazy
Redneck crazy