Klatt and Cowherd discuss Clemson's National Championship win | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

>>Colin Cowherd>>Klatt and Cowherd discuss Clemson's National Championship win | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)
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almost did, hmm no they lost
Joel Klatt is such a SEC homer, unlike last year the better team won.
Brandt Vickery:
dabo....why does it matter?? if u need to ask that question.....prob the
reason you not getting paid 5m a year to produce nattys.....keep sidelining
and taking easy picks.
Bryan Sweeney:
So... we're 8 out of 10 minutes into this video.... And this is less a
conversation about "Clemon's National Championship win" and more about how
Alabama lost.
Cade Wardlaw:
shut up colin clemson won beca6se they played good, alabama isn't the best
team anymore. the team you said was a fraud won tye national championship
you sec lover!!! you are the dunbest person ive met you freak.
Duke Moose:
UAT can talk all they want, but Lane Kiffin not being there and calling
plays killed them. Lane would have thrown the ball down the field at least
two to three times during the game. Sark was told by Ain't Nick what to do.
He had no control over the game calling. He would normally have opened up
the game more.
Eight 4 Three:
When you play Cover zero on the goalie, CB's run into one another. Thats
what happened on the final play. Their is nothing illegal about an Alabama
player having to run around another Alabama player who is tackling #3
These pimps go right to a rub play because their darlings got handled
manly....let's talk multiple targeting no calls on Alabama... why do they
avoid it? The ESECPN bias of course...targeting no calls...who wrote the
Josh W.:
Lol all the hate on the SEC lol the south east has the best players just
deal with it, centuries of breeding the best blacks has paid off
Marcus Knight:
#3 went at his legs...how That's not a call? This is going to be used next
year. coaches are going to complain.
Mr. Penmanship:
You can't say Alabama can"t sustain an offensive drive then say Steve
Sarkisian is a Genius Offensive Coordinator who gases his own defense by
calling a horrible offensive game.
Nathanael Bellas:
Can you blame him for being obsessed they are and will be the best
franchise in NCAAF
Nedly Flanders:
Explain to me how it's leggets fault that Alabama's defender ran into him
at the goal line while he was totally turned around and defeneless. Both
plays were legal and NCAA rules experts agree.
I am sorry, you cannot blame the injury to Bo Scarborough for Alabama
losing this game. You have other Running Backs that can do the job. Clemson
made the decision to force Jalen Hurts to win the game throwing and he
couldn't do it.
I expected Klatt to actually know the NCAA rule on the last play, he
obviously doesnt. I looked it up on the NCAA website.It says----Its an
illegal play if player A actually puts a block on player B's defender, that
did not happen.The officials stood by their call after the game..you would
think the talking heads like this guy would try to be objective instead of
taking a subjective view because the team they picked to win lost.

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Colin Cowherd did not think Clemson could pull it off against Nick Saban's Crimson Tide. How did they prove him wrong? Joel Klatt comes on to break it all down.

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