Klatt and Cowherd discuss Clemson's National Championship win | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

>>The Herd with Colin Cowherd>>Klatt and Cowherd discuss Clemson's National Championship win | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)
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Clemson's linebackers are the frauds. Pitt, Bama, and FSU proved that.
Bob The Boss Saget:
Caleb Anderson:
Can Washington huskies my pick to winning National Championship?
Dave Cooper:
cowherd has the most punchable face...
David Stone:
Cowherd and Klatt, CFB Rulebook, section 8, article 7, paragraph 2. You're big boys, read it and SHUT UP!!
Delmiko Taylor:
I'm tired of people crying talking about Jalen Hurts losing the game. His play at qb during the season the reason why Bama was in this position to win the game. Hurts a true freshman starting for a national championship team come on people. Hurts touchdown run should've sealed the game but Clemson really wanted that game at the end. The hurt of losing that game will motivate us
Mark West:
I'm not all that sold that Scarborough going out was the reason Alabama lost. Henry had early success against Clemson last year and then they mostly shut him down. Clemson didn't let RBs take over whole games this year. Plus, Alabama had 17 points through 3 quarters with Scarborough in the game and nearly matched that in just one quarter without him scoring 14 points in the 16 mins or so without him. That's more points per quarter/minute for Alabama without Scarborough.

Also, the Leggett rub was really a pick and should've been called, but the last TD for Clemson was legal and the DB actually initiated the contact with Artavis Scott. Scott just started in his direction, the Alabama DB was who initiated the contact. Alabama D's roughing and targeting 4 times but only being called once...Alabama still got the majority of beneficial calls.
Mr. Lawless:
Clemson is what you happened to Alabama in the 4th.
Oliver Bacon:
To bad they couldn't repeat and we seen in 2017 Watson was the offense for Clemson ....#rolltide #2017nationalchamps
Que Fre:
The two pick should of been called! Klatt is right Alabama should have made the adjustment.
Colin, Get with it you fraud. Could you be envious of Clemson? Have you ever even been to a Clemson game? I didn't think so.
The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
Who will win the national title next season?
Truth Findings:
That pick play is now a penalty lol.
Urban 'Heart Attack' Meyer:
"Without the help of the refs, our 40 year plus championshipless drought would of definitely continued".

- Dabo
Klaat(or whatever your name is) gross... you are biased, BYE! Bye Cowherd...

    Colin Cowherd did not think Clemson could pull it off against Nick Saban's Crimson Tide. How did they prove him wrong? Joel Klatt comes on to break it all down.
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Klatt and Cowherd discuss Clemson's National Championship win | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

The Herd with Colin Cowherd: