H.O.L.Y. - Florida Georgia Line Lyrics

>>Ashley L>>H.O.L.Y. - Florida Georgia Line Lyrics
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I love this song ❤️❤️❤️
Blair Mulhollan:
, blair mulholan and dad full god bless you
Cody Wisley:
i love florida goriga line the inspired me to love country music and i love how a lot of you say the same thing!
Darren Junior:
me and i reminds me of 😢 sad times
Grace Stoll:
Janet Parmer:
When I first heard this song, I felt a bit blasphemous but I loved the sound. THEN, I really listened to it and it touched me in a way that very few gospel songs or church services have. You know why? I was all alone with no congregation to worry about dressing up for. I was alone in my sweat pants with a ponytail and no makeup. I suggest you look at the version with lyrics and if you still don't "feel" it then God didn't mean it for you. It was for me AND apparently many others. God said not to question his plan.
Joe Mishata:
I'm not a big country fan but damn I love this song
Nevaeh Cole:
my cousin Braxton thanks you did really good so do I I think you did really good and my name is Nevaeh Cole
Payten W:
this song is awesome. i love it. you guys are awesome
Phyllis Hopkins:
I love this song! When your down just listen to this song and it will left you up. I know cause it did for me. Now I can't get enough of it.
Sara May:
this song reminds me of my bf nd I miss him so much
ShOt Sparks:
Did anyone realize that holy stands for high on loving you
Tylee Mcabee:
This is me and my boyfriends song
Zachary Staller:
U know, i would sing this to a girl i like. And i would mean every word of it too.
brandi brooker:
the best song ever and it's reminds me of my mom #ripcheree