H.O.L.Y. - Florida Georgia Line Lyrics

>>Ashley L>>H.O.L.Y. - Florida Georgia Line Lyrics
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AroundTheWorldInEightyLays BecauseFuckYouThatsWhy:
O.N.L.Y. letters left... Heh. hey.
Austin Wentz:
I was a groomsman in my best friends wedding on Saturday and this is what we walked down the aisle to. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple! Congratulations Zack and Lexi! Love you guys!
Carla Germany:
no I npewwx school ???;÷ at pass love but I will be cump nxt yaer
Cassie Smith:
i listen to this with my aunt jenjen
Dave Mortensen:
I love you KAR, yesterday, today, and all the tomorrow's to come. I can't tell you the hell I live in without you. I love you infinity squared babe Always and Forever!!!!
This song means so much to me. This is my babes and I song, every night before I go to bed I always listen to it. absolutely love this song
Gary Housel:
sang this to my gf... I hit hard with alcohol she's the one who takes away my darkness and my pain and she said she loves how I sing and likes my eyes and personality love you so much Charlene!!!
Jason Gentile:
I went to see them in concert in Sioux Falls South Dakota
Jordin Swindle:
Me and my causn. kaylee love H. O. l. Y. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kathleen Taylor:
this song makes me think of me and my friend anthony
Melissa Gibbens:
this song is the bust song ever
Weird Disney Fan 101:
Am I the only person here who isn't here because of a lover/bf-gf and I just really love this song?
alyssa howell:
thr country song holy by florida georga line is for my wife from me babe you know who you are
amber patterson:
I love this song. this song is dedicated to my bf. I love him so much
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