Taylor Wardrobe Malfunction on Taylor Swift's Concert HQ 15/07/11

>>tslove13>>Taylor Wardrobe Malfunction on Taylor Swift's Concert HQ 15/07/11
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.......with ongoing voice and personality malfunction to match....
Arnoldo Candia Recabarren:
Taylor Swift muestra su calzon con su vestido levantado igual que Marilyn Monroe La Reina de los Upskirt la cual con su vestido levantado muestra su calzon blanco con una sensualidad que solo ella posee. Marilyn Monroe fue es y sera la mujer mas bella tierna y sensual del mundo. Marilyn Monroe irradia mucha belleza ternura y sensualidad.
Bill Pitt:
Not an accident, a tribute. Google "Marilyn Monroe vent".
Dog Wood:
Wearing grandma's bloomers? What the hell?
ItimNaGubat NgKaligayahan:
Even though there's PornHub, I still like to see celebs' ass. :P
Jay Harkins:
Her ass looks hot in those granny panties!
Jenny Clegg:
It's hilarious that anyone would actually believe this was a malfunction, no matter how shy she appeared after it happened. Notice how she spun around, making sure her dress would fly up in all directions in an apparently choreographed, albeit poorly so, "oops" moment? I tend to think it was something Taylor Swift thought to try out at some point while she was on stage at the time; the alternative would be that she's unable to follow a simple bit of choreography. That's not something for me to say, since I've no idea which is true, the "I think I'll give a go at a spin above this air blowing upward so my dress does a 360° lift" version or the choreographed in advance version. What is too obvious to ignore, though, is that either way it was not a malfunction. Notice her trying to appear as though she were quickly reacting to it by making sure her dress was no longer flying about - after she completed the twirl at the air source that made it fly up in the first place? Perhaps many here don't know about Marilyn Monroe's iconic moment when her dress was lifted from beneath by wind. Possibly more do know of it and have seen it than I know, since I really don't have the figures on that nor do I really care to gather them. If you haven't, I'm sure YouTube has it; please watch it. It seems - seems - as though Taylor Swift was attempting to put her own little twist on Marylin Monroe's near-perfectly choreographed "oops" moment. Regardless, one cannot improve nor even imitate iconicity without the results being tragic, comic, or any combination thereof.
Kat TheFanEnthusiast:
Guess it's a big FAN of Taylor Swift!!
Lucy Heartfilia:
It's amazing how she can continue singing even after that embarrassing moment though
Shahed Mahmud:
Her voice is cute and beautiful
Not more than Selena Gomez
Fake ass cheeks? Pillows I guess.
Will Ganness:
"She wears thongs, I wear bingo bags"
She did that on purpose to distract people from her shitty singing.
Алекс МитЪ:
ну и что??, что вы жопу у человека не видели?????????
اميرة ديزني:
after this video i hate taylor and i love katy

    She still awesome absoulately!