Taylor Wardrobe Malfunction on Taylor Swift's Concert HQ 15/07/11

>>tslove13>>Taylor Wardrobe Malfunction on Taylor Swift's Concert HQ 15/07/11
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.......with ongoing voice and personality malfunction to match....
Arnoldo Candia Recabarren:
Taylor Swift muestra su calzon con su vestido levantado igual que Marilyn Monroe La Reina de los Upskirt la cual con su vestido levantado muestra su calzon blanco con una sensualidad que solo ella posee. Marilyn Monroe fue es y sera la mujer mas bella tierna y sensual del mundo. Marilyn Monroe irradia mucha belleza ternura y sensualidad.
Bill Pitt:
Not an accident, a tribute. Google "Marilyn Monroe vent".
Dog Wood:
Wearing grandma's bloomers? What the hell?
what if she forget to wear penties at that show lol :v
Show donde no trai ropa interior
Kristine Bolivar:
so this is how she sound live..smh
Mr. Murray Mr. Murray:
Hot Damn! I still love this gal-the best of the best! I wish I were married to her!
Raina Saint Luce:
Fake ass cheeks? Pillows I guess.
Will Ganness:
"She wears thongs, I wear bingo bags"
olive oil looking motherfucker
kalifa dole:
faça seu cadastro
She did that on purpose to distract people from her shitty singing.
Алекс МитЪ:
ну и что??, что вы жопу у человека не видели?????????

    She still awesome absoulately!