Pitch Perfect - "Cups" (You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone) Scene HD

>>Blench Borromeo>>Pitch Perfect - "Cups" (You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone) Scene HD
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AnonyMoose - MC:
Porno of Kendrick (Girl With Cup) here you go you hornies. https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-att-us&source=android-browser&q=penis
Cat likes to ride Wow:
Is that her because it looks like her ;-; for no reason
Dayana Garcia:
I really shipp Beca and Chloe😍.
Eliana Rodriguez:
it was different thisone they made her voice a hight pitched voice and they speeded it up faster
Eljan Rimsa:
i always admire when somebody can sing something catchy like this without music and gets everything just right. and her boobs, of course
Gymnast Girl:
who else spent 5 hours studying this song and finally got it right... i did... i guess i don't have a life
Itz MFM:
they stole this song 😭 they should be punished
Joseph Burke:
Speeding it up doesn't avoid copyright. If you didn't create the video yourself, you are still in violation.
I haven't realized about the boobs until I read all the comments, I am surprised about the amount of people who don't say anything about her voice, the song or the scene itself. I like this song and the scene is quite special too...and not for the boobs
Make Way:
This actually used to be a thing 4 years ago. Everyone in my HS did it.....so stupid. it still is....
The song was written by them or who is it?
The Bad Guy From The Darkside:
what if there was no cup there?
Thea Merveilleau:
Tu peut mettre des sous titre en français
Pitching it up does not avoid copyright infringement. Where did you get that crazy idea? If I owned the copyright, I would nail you in one second for modifying my music without my permission. Not only did you change it, but you destroyed the true sound of her voice and the music. Do it right, bubba, and post it without changing anything!
The cup song from this moment on has been popularized lol I had to do it in singing class (it starts with a C but I don’t know how to spell it lol). It was fun but stupid

    No Copyright Infringement Intended, Song Belongs To Universal Studios and Gold Circle Films or Whatever

Pitch Perfect - Cups Scene

Watch in HD :)

[ Lyrics ]

I got my ticket for the long way run
Two bottle of whiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company
And I'm leaving tomorrow, what'dya say

When I'm gone (2x)
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

You're gonna miss me by my hair
You're gonna miss me everywhere, oh
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone