Chino Hills HYPE Season Opener VS Damien! SOLD OUT GAME! | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

>>BallerVisions>>Chino Hills HYPE Season Opener VS Damien! SOLD OUT GAME! | FULL HIGHLIGHTS
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Cameron Hall:
When did Kodak start playing for Chino Hills
Chemiical Alert:
Omg the white kid hit the 3😂
Cloakz Playz:
Man they need to get number 20 on Damien a mixtape
Cory Weaver:
13:56 even the random bench guy broke their necks lmao
Hudson Pearce:
LMAOOO 1:35 got a high five from the ref
Hugh Jass:
death, taxes, and white parents at high school basketball games that think everything is a travel
That high pitch bitch was annoying asf
John Ramos:
#20 on Damien was on chino hills last year and that fool is still trash. I think at least
Memphis Parker:
number 20 from damien is raw asf
Nick Garland:
Does anyone else hear the crazy lady screaming in the crowd?
Orochi Saurus:
Bruh the lady in the background is annoying af
Ruben Ruvalcaba:
Harlem Globetrotters
Trap defense
🍒 picking
cavs fan 4 Llif3:
No ones ever said this i dont think but chinos jerseys are butt ass ugly
k levibe:
Melody got honey shots and his brother to ball or go home Lil fresh dudes all ball all day
ovOskar ':
6:10-6:14 the shiniest head you'll see ever wow


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