Chino Hills HYPE Season Opener VS Damien! SOLD OUT GAME! | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

>>BallerVisions>>Chino Hills HYPE Season Opener VS Damien! SOLD OUT GAME! | FULL HIGHLIGHTS
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Beats by It's Me:
Damn near killed their center with those full court passes. The boy human,
not a machine.
43 with all those swats but it was all off of doubles or just straight
Johnny A. Carver:
OMFG best moment when number 15 scored at the end holy shit that was lit as
Jose Vazquez:
he's getting benched at ucla just because his brother is there and is a
Julien Joshua:
Whats the height of the rim?
Kyle Crist:
Man, these guys really do know how to Ball...
Lee Clark:
im sorry to say but number 3 muddle ball brother is a snow bird he doesnt
ever play defense and lamelo ball is very good on offense i challenge him
to actually play hard instead of passing full court passes to his brother
who is lazy and dont play defense at all and if lamelo wants to go far like
his older bro alonzo then he needs to learn how to be aggressive and be a
leader on offense and defense he reminds me of james harden who is the
laughing stock of the nba when it comes to defense so lamelo pls for the
love of god play hard and be a dang leader instead of a passer to your snow
birding brother
Muhammad prabu Inzaghy:
8:59 "i like the effort" bruhh lmao hahaha
The benchwarmer went viral 😂
Nathan Coletti:
I think it's cool that Chino puts their "Special" kids in the front row for
the game. Every time someone does something okay...those retards fall down
WTF. I get excited to but, I don't fall the fuck down, I wonder what would
happen if they saw a naked lady? Actually know I don't weird...J5
Pedro Costa:
When I see these guys playing I have an awkward feeling that this is some
sort of new game. I am not criticizing: these guys always put on a show and
play excellent offensive basketball – it's just so different from the game
I used to play in the 80s and 90s. Am I the only one who feels this way?
Lamelo has the most dangerous heso cause you really don't know when this
nigga gonna pull it
Shoeric13 Guerra:
#3 got that ass worked..there's a seat next to the coach on the sideline
for him
I want clout like LSK and Jesser
That Chino Hills crowd makes the game so fun. I was more curious to see
who'd be falling next from the student section.


The hype for Chino Hills is getting out of control... More than 3 hours before the game the line was already out the door and around the building.... Full highlights from the beginning of the official season Chino Hills VS Damien! Cameron S


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