Darius Rucker - It Won't Be Like This For Long

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - It Won't Be Like This For Long
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A Harvey:
Aaron O:
Damn u Darius! I am a grown man! You think its ok make me cry over a song just like that?
DeShawn Curtis:
I have no kids.. but I love music. I love music that sends a positive message. I love music that has a meaning. And this song has both of those. Yeah, music is going to shit, but some artists are staying true to the genre and the music. Excellent song.
Foxy the septic Fox:
The video has 666 dislikes.so the devil is the only one who dislikes it.
Harry Potter Girl:
This song makes me cry when I leave the beach I scream at my parents crying to take me back why can't we stay 1 more day or just move😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Joanne Burton:
No it won't be like this for long. My only child, a son is now 24.... I miss those snuggly rainy days. He still has that sweet smile,but he is a grown young man now. I love him the same, but where did the Years go? I love you my sweet Gentle Ben
Always gonna be my baby ,can't seem to cut the embelica cord. My only one son. One day I woke up and you were grown.Where did the Years go. Thank you God for giving me the greatest gift, besides your son Jesus Thank you for giving me my son Benjamin
Kristi Gladd:
my baby is going 2 be starting kindergarten this fall he is growing up so fast its breaking my heart. mommy loves you
Ugh, i hate to admit it, i hate country music but this song has some good meaning to it, so i'll let it slide since i came here of my own accord to hear it
Patricia Jones:
Forgot about this song, but listening to" If I told you" made me listen again to it. My children are all grown up , now I have grandkids!! And watching them, you know , it won't last forever so enjoy all of life's moments!!
This song has a good meaning, and has its own meaning in our life with family, Darius Rucker success always.
The Professional Flutist:
this song gives me chills.. like somebody dipped me in arctic water
Love the song, but the video could have been better. I was looking for a bunch of pictures of a young girl from a baby to adulthood. Kenny Chesney "Don't Blink" is awesome!
like if listening to this in 2017
snowy woods:
oh, this is so sweet.... this is beautiful.... if only I could express to you how much your music means to me...and the whole world
This song makes me cry like a baby

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing It Won't Be Like This For Long.