Darius Rucker - It Won't Be Like This For Long

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - It Won't Be Like This For Long
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Aaron Martel:
I haven't listened to this since before my daughter was born. She's four today. I cried line a baby finding this song. Holding on
Brian Barnes G & G videos:
Best song ever ... I think every parent or parent to be should hear..
Damien Deliteris:
I'm having my first child (son) in a few months and when I heard this song this morning I just stopped and started really thinking about. I'm going to have someone calling me dad, and looking up to me, and someone who I get to watch grow up and be proud of. I can't wait until the day when this little boy is put in my arms, and a whole new chapter of life begins.
Debora Greene:
True words spoken in this song, time flys by before you even know it & their gone & living their own busy lives that song hits it right inside your heart if, you truly have one
Gots Ends.:
Should be a father of 4. I'm heartbroken everyday.
John Villalobos:
this Jam brings me to tears every time I hear it. My daughter's sweet 16. that was our father daughter dance song.
John Pennell:
im 14, when i have kids i'm gonna be so sad when she hits that "let me go out with freinds and boyfreind" stage i'm gonna think of this song
Lillyan Voss:
This is my dads song to me and its by far my favorite song
Patrick Johnson:
I dont even have a daughter let alone kids and yet i cry when i her this song makes me want a daughter even have a name already for her
Ric Mohri:
This brings tears letting me think about both my princesses. One is 21 and one is 6
Only country song I’d ever listen to.
I just moved out from my parents 2 mounts ago, and dam it if it is not the most difficult thing I've ever done. Not in "I have to do everything myself" kinda way, but in an emotional way.

Thinking about all the moments with my parents, it brings a tear of joy to my heart and also joy because I will have many more moments with them in the future. 

Darius, you, Billy ray and Allan Jackson are amazing, thanks for this amazing art.
eddie ringo:
Daddy miss you baby and mommy and Xavier. Hope it doesn't be like this for long baby girl daddy sorry mya
edna mattox:
my two kids are grown and on their i miss them so much i miss them more then life we talk all the time i just miss them so much my house is to quite mut i have my geandbabies
emma veralyn:
this song brings me to tears😭❤️ it's a gorgeous song💗

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing It Won't Be Like This For Long.