Zac Brown Band - Sweet Annie (Official Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Sweet Annie (Official Video)
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Alan Fox:
I was watching Netflix last night and saw patriots day the band werecname checked. so I thought I check themmout.
Ben Snider:
Getting married in 2 days. And this song will be playing when I walk to the chupa and when my bride walks to the chupa !!!!!! This song will forever be our anniversary song !!!
Helena Rice:
True country the voices are amazing I have a sister called Annie her hair like the ravens wings and just a great wee sister reminds me of her sweet Annie ❀️
Jennifer Dijames:
good song Mom would be proud of you boys if I told her about this fact her name is Annie too.
Lisianthus bliss:
I really like zbb and all there songs especially sweet annie..i am from North East India. Lots of love and kisses to all the fans of ZBB😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Manue Salas:
l like this son cau l love my sweet annai she is my live
Mike Norman:
Who is Annie?! Micheal Jackson: are you okay Annie this: sweet Annie (did anyone relise this? Like if u did)
Mr. Beefy:
I'm going to go and tickle my pickel now.
Night Shadow Delirious 34:
Fg seed and after a long time. I'm sure that the new year to the bone marrow the game, but it is not working on it and
Rhonda Boncutter:
Zac Brown Band sings so many wonderful songs, my Mother-in-Law loves this! Her name is Annie! My daughter's name is Annie, also! This song makes me think of them!
Robin Duell:
It's so nice to hear Country music come back. This song is just heart warming. Love Zac Brown Band.
Air Canada country radio channel brought me here
Spark Sky:
My❀goes out 🎼🎢🎻🎢🎡
dean beaty:
One day i find my Anne. but until then, ,,,,,

    Take your front row seat at the wedding of ZBB's Coy Bowles and his beautiful bride, Kylie! See the band, their friends and family be a part of the gypsy fantasy land ceremony. Watch Coy and Kylie say 'I do,' then join them all at an amazing reception for Zac Brown Band's latest music video, "Sweet Annie."

"There was a lot of planning that went into this wedding, and a lot of hard work on many people's efforts. The sun and weather could not have been more perfect. Kylie, my wife, really out did herself creatively on the vibe and look of the wedding. She had a vision of what she wanted the wedding to look like. With the help of others, including Shelly Brown who helped design her dress, we were really able to pull of this relaxing, gypsy fantasy land of a wedding." - Coy Bowles

Read more from Coy here:

Director: Cole Cassell
Southern Reel Production

"Sweet Annie" is the latest music video from Zac Brown Band's GRAMMY Award-winning album 'Uncaged' available in stores and on iTunes:

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