Zac Brown Band - Sweet Annie (Official Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Sweet Annie (Official Video)
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Adenle R. Adeshina:
i cry every time i listen to this song
Desrine Thomas:
everytime i watch this video i had to say something this guys voice could put me to sleep
Far North Squirell:
How can you dislike this dude...pure talent
Gregory Bishop:
everyone should have a sweet Annie, and mines sweet Brittany till death do us part
Helena Rice:
My sister is called Annie and her hair is black like a ravens wing and eyes look like chocolate buttons she's as beautifull as this great song
Hez Kiefer:
Is this not the perfect wedding in every way?
Joyce Mayo:
sweet Anne aka Smith and Wesson Ann
Kevin Paige:
My girlfriend’s middle name is Annie, this song means much more to me now then it did before.
Newton 112:
Country living Hampshire Illinois for Trump 🎣🌽🦌🇺🇸
Philippe Laborde:
I love Sweet Annie it's a song kaoutry love I dedicate thus song To My fiancee
My uncle past away almost 3 years ago and the last seconds of his life we sang him sweet annie and every time this songs plays he is remembered.

Rest in Peace Uncle Jake 2014
Stupid Cancer..
Rhonda Boncutter:
Love this song, my mother -in-law's first name was Annie, daughter's name is Andrea but always called Annie! 2 of my favorite people in the whole world! Love this song!
Robert. E Lee:
Why don't they play this on local country radio station? Instead of all that pop crap they play!
christie sears:
Love that voice...melts my heart just like James Taylor 💞
sean garcia:
I found my sweet Annie. So glad i was in the right place at the right time! My sweet Marie J Cruz!! She is my sweet Annie from Guam.

    Take your front row seat at the wedding of ZBB's Coy Bowles and his beautiful bride, Kylie! See the band, their friends and family be a part of the gypsy fantasy land ceremony. Watch Coy and Kylie say 'I do,' then join them all at an amazing reception for Zac Brown Band's latest music video, "Sweet Annie."

"There was a lot of planning that went into this wedding, and a lot of hard work on many people's efforts. The sun and weather could not have been more perfect. Kylie, my wife, really out did herself creatively on the vibe and look of the wedding. She had a vision of what she wanted the wedding to look like. With the help of others, including Shelly Brown who helped design her dress, we were really able to pull of this relaxing, gypsy fantasy land of a wedding." - Coy Bowles

Read more from Coy here:

Director: Cole Cassell
Southern Reel Production

"Sweet Annie" is the latest music video from Zac Brown Band's GRAMMY Award-winning album 'Uncaged' available in stores and on iTunes:

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