Filiaga Commits, McCaffrey Drives West Army All American

>>mgovideo>>Filiaga Commits, McCaffrey Drives West Army All American
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AL Tiger ‘22:
If you're moms proud of you then the world is.
Dan Doyle:
Big Chuck has a great family. They are all so proud of him. GO BLUE!
Douglas McCoy:
Good job chuck! Chaaaahooooooo!!!
Lone Gamer64:
We Gain 2 mobile qbs with mcaffery and patterson we will be #3 next season g oblue
Silky Johnson:
Joe milton looking better than dylan for sure. Both good though.
Stephen M:
we got some good ones, Hopefully McCaffrey can bulk up his frame. Go Blue
i thought McCaffrey looked pretty good

    Filiaga Commits, McCaffrey Drives West #ArmyAllAmerican