Hootie And The Blowfish - Hold My Hand (Video Version)

>>Atlantic Records>>Hootie And The Blowfish - Hold My Hand (Video Version)
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Anthony Rupert:
Back in the days when everyone's drummer was always shirtless for no reason, lol
Cam OdinsSon:
Fuckn love this song, all these old school songs i remember as a kid growing up to these songs CRANKN on the stereo, Hootie,Crash Test Dummies,REM,Cold Chisel, all the GREATS
Custom Colors:
Nice braids in county. go hustle some shampoo and conditioner..... you killed Karen and her babies and Denny. tell Duncan I said Penny is a friend of mine. after I shoot my way out. she will rat you out. River Rat. not a snitch. gotta hand tuff down here. Denny gave his life for his son. AssFucks. the crack whore on the curve of 41st & Avenue F. kurtisee of the upper class. the teachers cops and lawyers.
Dutch Mc Holland:
I love Darius Rucker's lazy voice. Too bad Hootie is no more..
Hazel Salcedo:
I love this band since college 😍😍😍
Josh Martin:
that dummer got all the ladies ;)
Maria Resendez:
He has an awesome voice no matter what genre he sings
Natasha Elali:
love this band great voice real music
Nino Azcuy:
Dude this video is too 1990's man I cannot right now
Nv Me:
damn, damn, damn. This voice never gets old.
Ryan Shordee:
i can see it now , the year is 1994, its a hot July summer day in Saskatchewan canada,, I'm about 13 years old, hanging out downtown in a small town with some friends skateboarding hanging out at the arcade , playing street fighter and mortal kombat, other teens outside playing hacki sack on the corner , ,,,, life was easy,  , orians sour cream and bacan chips, orbitz drinks,,,, hootie and the blowfish playing on the jukebox, with Sarah McLachlan on que,,, ,, and a 94 ford tempo drives by outside with an old guy smoking his players lights he paid $4.00 a pack for ,,, ,, man oh man the good old days !!! thank you lord for letting me experience such a good era
i wonder if they're still feeling the effects of being dickless twats who sold their soul to play radio shit
andreia rodrigues:
Trilha internacional da novela Historia de Amor 1995.
the singer sounds like a white country singer
The ultimate boring old white dude rock band.

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Hold My Hand (Video Version)