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Brock Akerman:
Love that he went country. Darius Rucker is the man.
Daniel Florio:
this song got me through a very difficult time when my son was born.I JUST WANTED TO HOLD HIS HAND AND THEY TOLD ME NO. KNOW HE IS GRADUATING COLLEGE IN MAY
David DeBergh:
Todays kids will never understand true music.....
Evan Bakerian:
It's funny I didn't realize he was the lead singer of the group I always knew him as a country singer.
Jerry Tho:
utube please keep hootie and the blow fish off my music
Joe Carter:
just like this song have not heard this in forever
Lesley Storey:
you can take the pisste too children have to follow through teachers or politicians who teach chilren to live on the minimum wage papers and there vicious circle
Obi Lenoir:
Dadgum I love this fusion...chocolate soul with vanilla! Just love it!!
Richard Rowe:
Don't know why, but I've always had this weird backstory for Hootie and the Blowfish. At some point, I got it in my head that the band made a deal with the Devil...so now every time they come on, I imagine Rucker and the Zombiefish standing onstage in Hell's amphitheater, slowly singing "Hold My Hand" over and over and over again to the eternal torment of themselves and everyone else. In between, some asshole chants "Hoo-TEE! Hoo-TEE! Hoo-TEE!", and Darius screams into the mic "THAT'S NOT MY FUCKING NAME!!" Next up..."Hold My Hand," by Hootie and the Blowfish. Yeah. For some reason, that just feels right.
TX Camper:
Brings back an avalanche of memories being an 18 year old college freshman, 95-96. Good times with great friends.
Veronica J:
played this the other day while with my daughter & said this is darius trucker & Hootie &tbf, she said no darius rucker sings country. same darius, kid lol She also didn't know rob Thomas is matchbox 20 lol
Vicki Hession:
Hootie sure has an amazing voice
Vladimir Ivanov:
The lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish looks just like Darius Rucker
At 3:18 I swear it looks like that guy is trying to do something perverted with his dog. Maybe its just me??
thomas bourne:
Fantastic 90's tune... Video wardrobe provided by Gap outlet store clearance everything must go sale.

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Hold My Hand (Video Version)