Hootie And The Blowfish - Hold My Hand (Video Version)

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Annie Lee:
Bought the CD, love it still play it.
Clem Sneyd:
So good. check out Daruis Rucker
Lesley Storey:
best breading machine on the block said anne bollin
Niko Bellic:
love to blare this song, i could play it over and over and over again
I bought a cassette tape way back my college days
Rebecca Page:
come on baby hold my hand😍
Game Grumps brought me here.
Taylor Steege:
Tom thomas and taylorsteege together 6 years
Vocal Verdade:
Who's here because of Friends?
charlene holl:
who would be ashamed of buying their CD ?? better than the bull shit now
With a little love, poop. And some tenderness, plop plop.
fizz gig:
i love me a bunch of the hootie tunes
greg daviss:
saw the let her cry video on one of those tv that has wood around it and
sat on the floor. 93 or 94 i think
joan nobbs:
miss this band they need to get back together. Not a big country fan
This song takes me back to the summer bonfires and barbecues of my teenage
years. *sigh

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Hold My Hand (Video Version)