Hootie And The Blowfish - Hold My Hand (Video Version)

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Ally Fowlks:
GD...i have loved this song forever...inspired me to learn to play guitar. But this video....wtf...,I don't get it. And why is the drummer shirtless?? Lol.. love darius and love hootie...always.
Candylish Dish:
Wow, you do have a big ego which is against spiritual law, do you even know what you are all smiling at?
Daniel G.:
i listen to you guys in mexico always. good stuff man
Edward Ziegler:
I went to this concert when they played in jersey at the sony blockbuster center , lonnngg ago lol I'm 50
Glory Bree:
I still love this just as much as I did when it first came out!!
Johnny FC C:
Scott Zolak sent me back to this track. Amazing. Love this album.
Joseph Roan:
The 90's was just a happier, more innocent time. Politics hadn't become a total war, people were more laid back, more willing to just get along and hang out. And you could just wear your t shirt and jeans and didn't need a million tattoos and piercings. This video captures a lot of that.
Lakeisha Mccall:
used to be my song in 10th grade
Raymond Montepio:
First time i see this in concert was in Gitmo..
Roger Shaw:
I didn't no that tiger woods cud sing, he's put on wee bit of wait too
Vanessa Van Downen:
I met them at the Special Olympics in Ames Iowa. I must've been like 7 years old or around that age and I didn't know who they were or why my Mom was so jazzed lol. The Guitarist with theblack shirt is super cute and I met him when I was a kid. Damn, fate is cruel.
"There is no Hootie it's just a made up name!" Lmfao If you haven't seen that skit you need to. Key and Peele did a skit based on Darius and how people call him Hootie.
Oh!! I always thought the lyrics were, "I wanna love you.The bear said... The bear said I can."
michael ridenour:
Absolutely loved this entire album one of the few that was perfection from front to back ❤️
quinn taylor:
So which one is hootie and which one is the blowfish.

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Hold My Hand (Video Version)