LaMelo Ball Summer 16 Mixtape | 15 Year Old Ball Brother Has Unlimited Range

>>BallerVisions 2>>LaMelo Ball Summer 16 Mixtape | 15 Year Old Ball Brother Has Unlimited Range
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21Christian Schlidt:
Lamelo Ball more like Lamelo BALLER
Austin Gleason:
Comparing this video to his current videos you can see hes easily grown three to four inches in less then a year.
Berthlina Appiah:
Carlos Paige Jr.:
Y'all saying "he needs to hit the weight room before college" lmao he is 15. He will be fine come college time, they'll work with him. No need for those dumb comments. The kid can play ball. HES 15
Don Ricardo:
Best jump shot I've seen since Shawn Marion
Jason Brice:
Lamelo ball is good at basketball and lots of people said that lamelo ball would be bad at UCLA and the Nba.
Johnny TightLips:
before he grew like 44904944232 inches
Joseph Krony:
his jumper looks so gross idk how he makes a shot
Kari McBride:
What happend to the song summer 16?? Huhhhhh
Marquis Magyar:
can someone tell me how he makes these acrobatic layups😂👍Acrobat on HOF
Mr_ Chopo:
He stop playing for in chino hills
Sion Hirai:
O anyone know where to find the instrumental for this song
Tech Acceus:
his jumpshot looks pretty dope to me
Tony Sandes:
He looked so offended when they jumped for the one and one at the end😂😂
have handles.. have atleast better coury vision

    15 year old sophomore UCLA commit Lamelo bull full summer highlights playing with Big Ballers VXT and Chino Hills! Youngest of the Ball Brother trio looks to take over a large portion of the scoring load for chino hills to fill the absence of Lonzo Ball. Has unlimited range, great vision and most importantly time to improve and get bigger. He stand about 6' tall going into his sophomore year at Chino Hills and may end up being the most talented out of the ball bros but time will tell. Be sure to subscribe as we will be following him all throughout high school! Also, he will pull up from your girls house without a second thought.

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