"Police Escort" - Gabriel Iglesias (feat. Erik Estrada) Funny Comedy Central Commercial

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"Police Escort" - Gabriel Iglesias (feat. Erik Estrada) Funny Comedy Central Commercial
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CEDAR 1500:
how the fuck did u get on that bike
Carlos Flores:
erik estrada was at the casino i worked at once and i remembered what george lopez said, i looked at him and we kinda made eye contact for a second, i didnt say anything it was awkard.
Cesar Llamas:
I still don't understand why George Lopez hate Erick Estrada
Comphy Sync:
wtf...erick estrada gives fluffy a ride in his ship but he woudnt shake george lopez hand..ftp
Edna Chavez:
How did you manage to get on top of that no manches man
Elise Warnicke:
Erik put on some weight since "C.H.I.P.S"
FaSt Eddiie:
bitch ass fluffy just did this for ratings and problaby take a jab at George, he has beef with him too
Hernán Ruiz:
Dude!!! You should wear a helmet! Safety frist right? what are you teaching little kids?... 
Just messin'; I love you man! peace!
Jaw Tooth:
I would do anything to meet Fluffy! Life would be complete!
Jose Santana:
Erik Estrada fuck that puto! - George lopez
Raul Torres:
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no mmeees pinche gordooo !
ella bella:
erik estrada and fluffy i think my dreams came truep
jeni rodriguez:
Adriana Gutierrez Perez where u at
Eric and fluffy fuck those putos
" Budget cuts ! " Oh the're hilarious. : )

    Check out this funny commercial we did for my upcoming Comedy Central LIVE FluffyShop Tour 2010! This one features my boy Erik Estrada! Hope you like it!

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