Jaylen Hands DANCING on Defenders! 25 Points VS Lynwood FULL HIGHLIGHTS

>>BallerVisions>>Jaylen Hands DANCING on Defenders! 25 Points VS Lynwood FULL HIGHLIGHTS
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Anthony Christianson:
Lámelo way better than jalen hands fuck jalen
Chadley Warner:
Thumb nail looks like he hittin the nae nae on that niggas back lol
Daivon Wright:
Imagine him nd lemelo on the same team rip basketball
Daniel Okogun:
This highlight was on my bday ayyyyeee😂😂😂
Deijah Robertson:
Jaylan dunk over the fuck nigga and took his parther ankles
Isaac Romeroro:
Idk bruh Jaylen lookin like the next big thing
You know the other team ass when you warm up like that 😂😂
Joe King:
I have never seen a mixtape of this kid and did not expect him to do what he did at 1:15
Hahahaha ! Track at the end on point lol !
OSN need to see this!! hahahaha lol
Myles Lewis:
This game was so dead, nobody in the jam.
Ohh Boy:
All the outros are so fire! It's the little things BV does that makes them the best hoop channel!
Ray Corona:
Jaylen def smashes all of those white cheerleaders
Zion Williamson:
Literally Dennis Smith Jr. w/ better layup package
vin russo:
UCLA has recruited Jaylen Hand, Cody Riley, Kris Wilkes, All 5 star. Liangelo Ball also, but he needs to change his game.

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