Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson - Only God Knows Why

>>Sharon S>>Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson - Only God Knows Why
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Andrew Myers:
need a studio version of this!!!
Bo Never:
Jamey is awesome. Kid rock ruined this performance
Cory Anderson:
If you don't like this.... Get out of my beautiful country. This is a privilege to watch this, not a right.
Edged Weapon:
John Ross:
Sorry Kid Rock still rock's with anyone
Kris Collins:
love Jamey Johnson and I love kid rock. Hell Yea!
OUR-Republic Never-Give-In:
Sharon S must have a lot of commie followers. 410 voted thumbs down?
Paul Matheny:
Like at the end they start gettin onto it.good tune for sure
Richard Saylor:
wish i could watch y'all play the opry someday.
Sheila McGill:
This is by far a BADASS version of this song!!
Tony Lee:
Saw Jamey Johnson a few months back. Cowboy is still jammen out with him.
William Arnold:
I seen this show in Memphis Tn at the FedEx Fourm was one of best shows ever!!!
I love Kid Rock but fuck me if Jamey Johnson doesn't have a powerful voice.
teddy bear:
Eddy Long.....gotta love it...... yep

    Kid Rock's Born Free Tour 2011 Greensboro, NC 2-22-11