Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson - Only God Knows Why

>>Sharon S>>Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson - Only God Knows Why
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Angela Wolfe:
I love you guys! All my best LLH&R
Bobby D:
This song is not about the end its about putting ur big ball pants on and moving on god bless those who have lost love ones
Brittan Church:
Well.... Whens this shit gonna happen again?
Thank God for Jamey Johnson! They won’t play George Strait.
. He has gotten to “Old” Shame on Radio!
Club Poker of Dothan:
I looked around for Peter Frampton,,, did you?
Edd Ter:
Really song killers..shoulda left it in color..wannabes..stick to writing them
Greg E.:
I was there one of the best concerts ever
J Dawg:
Sounded great at the time, to bad Jamey had to get stupid on Kids land next to Hank Jr in Alabama. Notice Kid had removed his ultimate cover of In Color, best ever, better than Jamey. He deleted all Jamey songs he sang up close, and his songs up close he left on. In other words, when Kid gives you access to his land, don't be a dick!!!! Those that know what I'm talkn bout enjoy, the rest can just ask why Jamey is zero now??? Don't ever fuk around killing animals you ain't got a permit for on Kid or Hanks land!!!!
Rick Platte:
My favorite Kid Rock song. I saw this tour in Virginia. Sheryl Crow opened up.
Scott Kennedy:
I like this better than the original
Theresa Suhling:
Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson! Hot! Hot! I reckon!
Tommy Cox:
I wonder why Jamey doesn't get much radio love.
Tommy Smotherman:
Hell yeah I like it I like it a lot
deplorable me:
somebody got fired, see kid look over and bitch. i heard it.
jennifer dolson:
Incredible..kid is so comfortable in an intimate setting these days as he matures and their artistry together makes magic

    Kid Rock's Born Free Tour 2011 Greensboro, NC 2-22-11