Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson - Only God Knows Why

>>Sharon S>>Kid Rock & Jamey Johnson - Only God Knows Why
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Kid holding back. These two power houses should let it blast full.
Andrew Myers:
need a studio version of this!!!
Bo Never:
Jamey is awesome. Kid rock ruined this performance
This is a hymn, a beautiful hymn. Would be so proud to shake these two gentlemens' hands.
Cory Anderson:
If you don't like this.... Get out of my beautiful country. This is a privilege to watch this, not a right.
JD Cox:
Just plain awesome...keep doing it
James Pitzer:
I would pay a good amount of money to see this performance...#theshit
James Weapon:
Jinny Isom:
Bad ass is still bad ass! Love it!!
Joe Of Wisconsin:
I am 48. I like both of these guys...but still trying to figure out how rap (Kid Rock) and country mix?? This song does not apply to my question.. it is more southern rock.
Kris Collins:
love Jamey Johnson and I love kid rock. Hell Yea!
OUR-Republic Never-Give-In:
Sharon S must have a lot of commie followers. 410 voted thumbs down?
Steve schatz:
Derick Trucks would take it to another level
William Arnold:
I seen this show in Memphis Tn at the FedEx Fourm was one of best shows ever!!!
I love Kid Rock but fuck me if Jamey Johnson doesn't have a powerful voice.

    Kid Rock's Born Free Tour 2011 Greensboro, NC 2-22-11