🔥🔥 FBU 8th Grade All-American Bowl 2017 - Highlight Mix

>>utrhighlightvideos>>🔥🔥 FBU 8th Grade All-American Bowl 2017 - Highlight Mix
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Angel Gonzalez:
Where you get those gloves at tho on the cover of the video
#5 at 1:45-1:52,he was going fast af
Ernie n/a:
someone sounds like white or colored trash during the video
Juju Chris:
number 2 won fastest man competiton
Kevin Markovitz:
The uniforms are like exactly the same wtf
What's number 1's name with the black helmet
P Swaggy:
Both of the mvps are from Maryland 🔥🔥
The Super Builder:
No way these mofuckers in 8th grade
Tyreak Sapp:
every body wanna say we reclassed but we 13 / 14 if u ain't elite like us don't talk bad bout us
Vaughn Mamea:
My boy Zyrus #21 I see you balling out there
kevin chalchi:
How do you get selected into this
These kids have so much smoke blown up their asses
young gator:
All of them reclassed that's why i didn't try out for Maryland FBU team know all of them bard

    ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ FBU 8th Grade All-American Bowl 2017 - Highlight Mix