Thomas Rhett - Die A Happy Man

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Amber F:
Me and my husband meet through his sister and my cousin. His sister was a friend and dating my cousin. And my husband wanted someone to go to homecoming with, well long story cut short 4 months later we were pregnant with our first son who is now 12 and been together going on 14 years and married 4 come 4/8/2017. I hope for plenty more moments spent together and no matter what i'll die happier with him by my side.
Austin Brining:
this is me and my girlfriend's song
Blake Williams:
This song got way better when I realized that the girl in the video is his wife. I respect Thomas Rhett way more now!
Emily Martin:
This was the song of my junior prom ❤
Gabriel Vildma:
damn...... ive listened to this song about 20 times in a row now.......... i like it as much everytime.
This sis my fav song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah Gentry:
My goal in life: find me someone who loves me as much as Thomas Rhett loves his wife
Keith Griswold:
who ever liked this amazing song should really check them self's #favoritesong
Kristina Waters:
Thomas Rhett fans, Jon Pardi is back with another great one! #DirtOnMyBoots
Madison Renee:
Country isn't usually my type f music but I love this song ♥️❤️
Murphdawg1 gaming:
Anyone else think his wife kinda looks like Blake Lively?
Ralph Marez:
love this music still living 2017
austin Karpenko:
my husband passed away from cancer on dec.1st-2016 he was 35. he used to play this song all the time, he passed with us holding hands. we have two boys together age 7 and 11, we miss him everyday.
n Pipes:
I think it's sweet that his wife is in his videos
rachelle whittridge:
This video is straight relationship goals ❤

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