Thomas Rhett - Die A Happy Man

>>ThomasRhettVEVO>>Thomas Rhett - Die A Happy Man
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Angel Rodriguez:
I sung this song to my ex and she said u is not gonna die a happy man cause im breaking up with you😭😭😭
Austin N:
70 likes and i will tell the girl I like that I like her and also this song is really good :)
Carol Moore:
Baby never 4feel that way .your a beautiful person God bless tou
Dank Potatoes:
I hate going to school to see people dabbing and blasting shitty rap music.
Derek Mulcare:
Thus was my dad's favorite song and he told me to play this at his funeral so I did :( R.I.P Dad
My crush in fourth grade said that some of this made him think about me and how he feels and he was flirting with me Friday and I'm in 6th grade and he is in 7th grade and he flirted with me three days ago and now he's saying he likes someone else and he doesn't like me HES A MAN GARDENING TOOL I really liked him and it's over Bc his friend doesn't like me
Hella Gay Jacob:
Favorite song now 😊
Mine and my boyfriends song 😘
Jason Poplin:
If I go right now, I can honestly say she made me a happy man
Mary Boggs:
Love or OMG if only my boy were as sweet as him...
Payton McKinney:
colby Jobe:
lmao comment if u set this song and like 2 others on a playlist and just keep that shit on repeat
If u say this song ain't good your crazy
feels like i've been listening to this song about a million times in the last two days, i'm so glad i discovered such a cute, well written masterpiece.
i love you so so so so so so so much
I was going to ask if that's his real wife in this video, because if not, they are great actors. Decided to google it instead, and yes, that is his true life wife in this video and she has done others with him, but she doesn't really like to because she doesn't like to be the center of attention.

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