14 Year Old : LaMelo Ball : Chino Hills (CA) MixTape 3.0

>>utrhighlightvideos>>14 Year Old : LaMelo Ball : Chino Hills (CA) MixTape 3.0
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Cruz Cannon:
1:12 is that Joe from impractical jokers
Die Afrikaner:
I love his style. remember me of dr.j actually.
Gunther Schwartz:
Lamelo is to basketball what Post Malone is to rap.
It was me:
He's one of the best high school players I've seen
Jaypete Alcaraz:
I'll merk that kid . Look at me @sunset high school , Dallas texas
Jerritt Ruiz:
I can do everything he is going
Lil D3X:
damn yo his jumper fucked up but it's still wet tf
Malik Lofton:
What is lamelo hair cut is called
RealTrillDre _:
Ugliest JumpShot Ever But That Shiit Wet
Robert Hermann:
Is still high school or even college ???
Sam Redmond:
White kid with Odell hair😂😂😂
jonathan happy:
weirdest form I have ever seen but he still so wet🏀
He's a freshman He's gonna be very nice thoses guys r older than him and look at th crowd big af he's nioce

    UCLA Commit 14 Year Old : LaMelo Ball Chino Hills (CA) MixTape 3.0 Helps leads The #1 Team in the nation Chino Hills to California State Championship and a undefeated season