KEANU AKINA is the BEST Shooter in High School! OFFICIAL Sophomore Mixtape!!

>>Licensed To Shoot Hawaii>>KEANU AKINA is the BEST Shooter in High School! OFFICIAL Sophomore Mixtape!!
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Adrien Rivero:
who else is here from that LaMelo ball video lol
Freddy Fazbear:
It's a little wierd that we have Similar Shooting form O.o
Really talented kid, big question is has he played against mainland talent cause its alot harder. If I were his parents I would just have him go to a coca cola classic tournement in LV
GeeRiff Thunder:
If he develops his inside game, I can see him going D1 for a major school
Anyone see the Midorima Shintaro in this kid?
Keven sum:
what high school does he go to?
Licensed To Shoot Hawaii:
@wadlypierre: Remember the Rain by Ready Rock Productions
Best "shooter" does he shoot schools as good as me
Max Juba:
a shooting style that reminds me of kyle korver
Naquan Blood-bath:
Its these kind of kids, not those straight up dunkers, that make it to the nba
Ronald Hiram:
Quick Release that's why they can't block him
Spencer Badua:
keanus always playing pretty much every day
james brinkley:
His shot is crisp, good rhythm. Good consistency, jump shot looks the same every shot, next level schools like to see that.
this dude has the best form I've ever seen like omg he's so good!
unipupy awesomeness:
I know him his family loves basketball they all play his dad is coach

    There is little doubt that Kahuku guard Keanu Akina is the best shooter in all of high school. After a successful freshman season, Keanu Akina increased his averages from 8.2 to 12.0 points per game, while also improving on his already stellar long-range shooting, connecting on 58 total three-point shots. While this was certainly impressive by itself, the 5-10 guard also showed more versatility this year, no longer solely spotting up for three pointers or settling from distance. Rather, Keanu stepped into a role that he would not have been comfortable last year. Akina showed some solid ability as Kahuku's point guard, sharing the job with transfer Tamamoko Green. This said, Akina became more of a vocal leader, something that Kahuku desperately needed what with all the additional talent that was added this season. Only a sophomore, Keanu remains the anchor on his dad, Alan Akina's team. He has the reputation now as a legit shooter, one that can stretch the floor and fade with ease. Keanu Akina's shoot is perhaps the best form-wise that the state has seen in years. With a natural flow to his shotas well as a mechanically sound release, Akina has made almost 100 threes in two seasons, a feat that only a few have accomplished ever. His work has paid off. Akina was recently named an honorable mention for All-OIA East and All-State. With Samuta Avea and Denhym Brooke transferring and graduating respectively, Akina is now the face of Kahuku Basketball. He has both the skill set, the determination and lineage to do a great job.

Making it rain!

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