Ball brothers still having fun at Chino Hills

>>Los Angeles Times>>Ball brothers still having fun at Chino Hills
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Chino HIlls. Ball Brothers. LaMelo.

Big and Swaggy Money Cheese:
LiAngelo has the Charles Barkley body
Derrick Curvoson:
LiAngelo only commited to UCLA thanks to his brothers he's slow, below par handles, and inconsistent shot and i dont know if their cousin Andre is commited or not but he's better than LiAngelo also
Dom so cool:
I think that he is a little to a slow for a point guard and big
Eric Sedique:
Liangelo doesn't look 6'6, looks the same height as Lamelo
Hakeem Olajuwon:
His real high probably around 6 feet his hair doesn't count
Everyone keep saying Angelo is chubby, keep in mind klay thompson arm is bigger than his...
Juventino Flores:
I guess Melo only eats what Gelo doesn't.
Hall of fame difficult shots badge
Kyle Carr:
i never heard of a 6'6 point guard
P0W3R H0USE Gaming:
That's one big nigga playing basketball
Rashima Blue:
right how we the same age and am only 5'10
Ray Corona:
I wish I grew like these guys. I'm 5'6 and haven't grown in 5 years
No way Liangelo is 6'6, he's around 6'3 for sure, especially at 240lbs for how he looks.
noah blanton:
so he does have a chance to be in the NBA better stop cherry picking and playing defense but he does have a chance I day the bigger white boy has more of a chance.
primrokevin Primro:
the middle ball brother should be a nfl tight end if the nba don't workout

    Sophomore LaMelo Ball has grown to 6-2; senior LiAngelo Ball becomes point guard