Ball brothers still having fun at Chino Hills

>>Los Angeles Times>>Ball brothers still having fun at Chino Hills
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Chino HIlls. Ball Brothers. LaMelo.

LiAngelo has the Charles Barkley body
I don't believe he is 240 pounds no way.
Derrick Curvoson:
LiAngelo only commited to UCLA thanks to his brothers he's slow, below par handles, and inconsistent shot and i dont know if their cousin Andre is commited or not but he's better than LiAngelo also
Eric Sedique:
Liangelo doesn't look 6'6, looks the same height as Lamelo
Garang Awan:
6-6 240 god you fat no hate tho
Infernus Ape:
gelo is a good player but for a point guard he weighs to much he needs to be quick In this day and age therefore play SG or sf
Everyone keep saying Angelo is chubby, keep in mind klay thompson arm is bigger than his...
K Team:
i never heard of a 6'6 point guard
Hall of fame difficult shots badge
Overhyped and Overrated. Ball brothers will get raped in the higher level and come home crying..
Ray Corona:
I wish I grew like these guys. I'm 5'6 and haven't grown in 5 years
No way Liangelo is 6'6, he's around 6'3 for sure, especially at 240lbs for how he looks.
so he does have a chance to be in the NBA better stop cherry picking and playing defense but he does have a chance I day the bigger white boy has more of a chance.
primrokevin Primro:
the middle ball brother should be a nfl tight end if the nba don't workout
zain ayuso:
why is people making a big deal out of them.. I mean they good but don't look like superstars. comparing to curry and Jordan. please. Foh with yo old Marge Simpson head looking ass

    Sophomore LaMelo Ball has grown to 6-2; senior LiAngelo Ball becomes point guard