Biggest Football Hits Ever

>>The Highlight Factory>>Biggest Football Hits Ever
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Alexis Nonato:
When I watched this I'm like I'm afraid to play football now
Archie Aligsao:
Watching them fumble the ball while they get hit is so satisfying to me.
Cody Willoughby:
As a dolphins fan 2:20 makes me happy
At 0:01 that guy was a flash no joke
Ike Wachter:
me: *wow these hits are dirty*
*sees hits by own team @ ****1:50** and **1:51*
also me: *well those were legal*
JaredThe GamingGod:
Perfect music for the video am I right
Jeannette Gonzalez:
I say to watch were you are going :)
Jr Ryder:
That Sean Taylor hit in the Pro Bowl game was nasty and of course Ray Lew bringing that heat.

Ravens all day
Highlight factory you did it again
Lloyd Clayton:
it is funny when the little kid got knocked downlol
Luke Swazer:
Can u do a video with the song "Wat u mean" by Dae Dae?
MARC28 04:
Well the hardest hit i ever done i body slammed a guy and got a concussion
the guy from 0:56 looks like he is dead.
Sammy Johnson:
These are real hits.They are dirty cheap shots, a real hit is where you keep the guy wrapped up to the ground. just look at rugby hits for real tackles
Wade Delaughter:
i love how they get hit hard and says BOOM

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