Biggest Football Hits Ever

>>The Highlight Factory>>Biggest Football Hits Ever
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While watching this I realized if you didn't fall when you hit the person, you didn't hit them the hardest you could have
2:07 holy shit that guy is gigantic, he makes the other players look like hobbits.
Cameron Morton:
2:27 niggga thought he was brock lesner
Campbell Verbin:
wouldn't wont to be hit by that guy 3:41
so funny
The hit on 0:36 made my stomach turn 🤢 i pray for that dude
Elephant Seal:
1:35 captain insano shows no mercy
Jesse Siebel:
Wow people got knocked the fuck out
Karl Wilker:
3:20 When you tell football players to do a somersault.
Kathy Brown:
yo guys go sub to footballkingz _18
PotatoChan RBLX:
Lol we watched this at school..
Reece Jensen:
Been watching this since it said 1 hour ago every day😂
SamDemon 21:
Was that sonic in the first vid😂😂
Steve Shuck:
I'm going to play in the NFL and I hope I am on this
Tristan Barony:
I wish tom Brady got knocked out🚑🚑💤💤👺

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