Biggest Football Hits Ever

>>The Highlight Factory>>Biggest Football Hits Ever
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Beast at Roblox:
The third one looked like it hurt
what is the original video from 0:16
The Emmanuel Sanders hit was dirty
Cold Winter:
love how people are always like "the game was more violent in the past...." you see this shit. I wanna see there fat ass's out there getting hit like this, i want to see them get up after they get there head taken off by jj watt or run over by Adrian Peterson. after they get there their lung reinflated I want them to tell me how great they feel and how much worse it was in the past.....
Gabriel Hill:
Rip to all dead people in this video
Gerald Garcia:
you will be the best football player ever you guys rule .
Jaden Omalley:
One guy just picks someone up and slams him down
Jake Willey:
you are the best editer on youtube!
Maribel Chong:
I remember when I was in football and I got knocked out and I went to the hospital for 2 weeks and I lost my leg
Oleg Tymchak:
Do they know they can get a CTE?
Only 2 Comment:
1:34 what a beautiful spine buster
Pump Up Productions:
Great Video, I made a big hit highlight to can some one tell me if its good?
Ralf Kleine-Büning:
Behinderte Menschen die sich nicht mehr so viel wie möglich mit dem Auto fahren und die haben auch noch ein bisschen zu, 20 und ich habe mich sehr gefreut und 20 und ich habe mich sehr gefreut und ich habe mich
count the georgia teams in this video
papa shroom:
2:04 That's me when I play football

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