Biggest Football Hits Ever

>>The Highlight Factory>>Biggest Football Hits Ever
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Almighty PK:
The song made the video 10x better
Andrew Bruett:
Lesean McCoy gets recked by his future team illuminati
Burrito Dawg:
And they say football is for pussies because of armor... Fucking 9gaggers
Ignacius Bishop:
0:14 the little hitting the other kid that is me not lying i moved so i play with the federal way hawks in the 6th grade team
Jackson Neal:
Love this I'm a safety I broke a kids ribs
Justin Schreiber:
0:52 savage I wanna know the name of the player and what happened to him
Mike Sandlin:
My Coaches Son- Slower than a turtle and plays QB
Me- Fastest kid on my team and they have me a RT

What kinds of hits are considered "clean hits" in NFL?
Sizzle Videos:
You know when you go deep and the QB runs it and then you get a huge block ( light him up ) like at 0:39
TheReyesFamily 3078:
The 3k dislikes are from the
Players that got
Laid OUT
Tips With Mr.H and Owen:
Ya I play safety and I blew someone up
Tobias Williams:
most of theses hits are illegal tbh
bradley watson:
At 1:36, is that illegal to body slam somebody in Football?
The helmet to helmet is ridiculous
yo it is Tyler Lee:
Dang hell hard hits they knocked out 😲😲😱😱

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