Biggest Football Hits Ever

>>The Highlight Factory>>Biggest Football Hits Ever
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Duncan Morrow:
2:21. Tom Brady gets decapitated.
Ethan Lam:
I also like tha best juke in football history
HaveA NiceDay:
Will smith is being trolled I can feel it.
Highlight House:
Come to my channel for the biggest football hits of all time. I have all levels youth, high school, college, and NFL. I need subscribers. Come over to my channel.
Jonathan Price:
I showed my mom this video, and now I can't play football anymore
King Derix:
Are these fouls... I play the real football.
I love it when tom Brady gets hit at 2:21👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻
Sarah Monica:
Special moment is very interesting to watch
Tekuila Carr:
what the fuck they keep picking them ☝ and throwing them down
The GIANT mother fucker at 2:06 LOL
Also. This was the first video I watched on this channel
brotillio brothers:
Yes he was really cool 😎 but the way it looked good 😊 was so good 😊 is a little boy he was just the only boy who would have never had any of those for you to come to pick your dad when your husband and I stayed on a trip home 🏡 ooo a scout who was told the only way he is to be the next dad to your family dinner is the only way
Almost two years later and I still have no idea how some people can get up from these hits.
pounds fist on table
*this is the kind of quality content I'm here for*
kameron Williams:
who else here to impress their coach in their next game

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