Biggest Football Hits Ever

>>The Highlight Factory>>Biggest Football Hits Ever
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Evan Brockway:
Is it just me or is this satisfying?
Explosion Gaming:
They people who got crushed is me at school when some kid raming into people to get in class early
Frozenslave Gaming:
I would have to say my most satisfying ones are:
1. People who do full somersaults when hit
2. People who lose their helmets
3. Suplex tackles.
Hallo Fame:
1:12 that dude got hit back to pee wee
Karen Gonzaelz:
I feel bad for them so I don't like this video
Legendary football Goat:
The first one almost killed the man. Like if you agree
Marc Mistretta:
yall are very cool for getting all of these football vidoes
Martez Green:
In little league that's different but still but do y'all have to keep fumble'n
Mary T Taylor:
Sean McGovern:
Idk which is harder, 21's new album or this
Trevin Baker:
Wristan Brainard:
I like the second hit because I’m from Nebraska
ausia mataele:
The person said biggest NFL hits and at 3:42 a kid tackled
jack dover:
I'm so hot that everything I say is...

kamantube HD:
Well is rugby lads don’t we’re padding I can see why you guys wear padding the two games are brutal but imagine American football without padding

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