Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!

>>imryanang>>Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!
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Year 9 or 8 is the British way of grades for all us Americans (btw Canada
still counts as America)
Izzybell gamer:
she's 17 now then.. I wonder what's going on in her life
Julie Gilleland:
Nothing like folks judging a book by it's cover. MIC DROP!
Kaitlyn and Jack Waddles:
I just want to say that I am much better than this girl in general. I am in
year 8 and have sang infront of 20,000 people. I have a much better voice
so suck on that!
My Account:
I love all the hypocrites chastising others for judging her as though you
don't judge others. At least those who judged her admitted it. So STFU you
Rcolins 81:
looks more like a 17 year old.
Vanessa Mendoza:
2:57 pewdiepie in the salmon colored shirt😂😂
Victor Hopewave:
Hahaha! The song in the back ground at 0:00 Is called F*cK you...
"aw she's so shy" she's just fucking standing there lmao
I'd just love to know what Ronan Keating would know about talent??
farzad eli:
why they were trying to convince us that she is shy? she did not look or
act like a shy person.
glenn miller:
Where's her chin? Is she a chinless wonder?
julian campa:
Fuck those judges!! Hate how there on her side after she sings but before
they were putting her down!!! Cunts.
the fosters games reviews:
no this guy was a fake and a complete prick
Omg this song reminded me of when that girl on UK X factor was singing this
song mercy i mercy mercy release me release me who remembers that she
started to improvise she forgot her words cuz she learnt them a day before

GREAT! Wonderful 13years old boy sing Listen without music ..

Incredible Child Singer EVER ! 8 Years Old !