Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!

>>imryanang>>Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!
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Alexis Hayes:
idk why people are talking about how they judge her from her looks. i think she is beautiful
Les cayó la boca a todos no juzgue ni subestimes a los demás... Que gran audición 😍
TAKE THAT! Stupid people who pre-judge others, just because they "don't look like _____"
Lornette Brown:
all the judge's behave like a ass on this one
Mac Pakinga:
one in yellow bet she can't sing for shit .
Mine Gamer:
this is why I never will judge someone for their looks or body cause she's beautiful and shy but she knows what she wants go shiane
judgemental assholes, they are so quick to judge someone who is not the same as everybody else
Mullertjie Ryan:
they say assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups.these judges are dicks 3==========)
Natabacca Hon:
that's the prob with judges nowadays they judge by looks in the start
Rex Mowbray:
hate the judges before they judge before they even get the chance sing like be gentle omg
Sharron sprock:
all those people assumed shevwouldnt be any good. well you know what the first part of assumed is. Ass duhhh!!!!
THIS is absurd:
typical story for tv, fuck this shit
antonela bakavic:
she was great at her first audition....until they ruined her.
julie tolis:
my openion is just that the judges never figured a 14 year old had that kind of depth and where with all I LOVED IT yea
zhanbi 3:
i wanna fucking kill all the judges

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