Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!

>>imryanang>>Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!
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Ajojing Disco:
You can't give up of what you dream to be,i dream to be a singer but i am shy until now but i try and don't care if people laugh or treat me i will not give up😞😑😠 my dad is a singer but it wasn't easy he was shy once but he did not give up cause he is not singing for people we are singing for God👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼😇😇😇😇😇😇
Beautiful Mind:
Fuck that crowd and judges lmao
Bob Shaw:
She is fantastic . I'm glad she blew the judges away after the way they were acting .
Favor Exner:
these jokers tried to unnerve her but she muzzled 'em...go lil girl!
Karen Dickey:
I love this young lady she was perfect she pulled it off the judges wasn't sure about her you had these looks on their faces and a little remarks and stuff but I said you go girl cause u believe in yourself
Little Beau Poop The Wonder Dog:
All the good looking men seem to live in Australia. My Lord!!!
Maverick Houston:
The judges Susan Boyle'd her, and then she Susan Boyle'd them!
Nancy Desch:
People are too quick to judge people by their appearance.  Even before the poor person opens their mouth the judging person has an opinion about them.  They don't even give the person a chance.  Life sometimes is just like high school.  I am sure some of these people on the panel have been home coming queens, cheer leaders and jocks at school and they probably looked down their noses at girls who look like her.  And when this girl hits one of her high notes someone on the panel shrieks and cuts right thru the experience.  Very bad behavior.
Noor Aimah:
you must judge people ONLY after they have done something okay people!
Solar Chesaire:
GO SING THAT GIFT OF YOURS!!!!.... Those damn judges and the audience think she cant sing!!! right when she starts singing they are blown. They should feel guilty.
Steve Irwin:
Everybody who's claiming the judges "judges her by her looks" need to RE-READ the title and RE-WATCH the video.

Y'all seem naive. Allow me to help y'all comprehend. Chyanne walks on stage--the judges start speaking to her and she becomes very nervous and shows nothing but a sliver of communication towards them--they develop the expectations she will flunk (as most would do)--Chyanne sings LOUD (not what you'd expect from her, seeing as her conversation skills were very fractured and mousey, let alone a shy person)--so judge says "What the hell!" reacting to this abnormal outcome from a shy person--judges are amazed that SHE (out of all people, the shy girl) sings very loud and awesome and her anxiety melts off--They apologize for judging her because of her SHYNESS (not her appearence)--and then she is congratulated and applaused.

I'm sure if 6'5 115 lb person hobbles on stage, these same behavioral patterns wouldn't come through your thick skulls as "judging by his/her looks". Please. The world gives overweighted people (not trying to be offensive to any persons out there) too much sympathy. God for bid someone gets bullied for anything else but extra skin.
i also will give u a touch down baby.....just lie down
She's got it much better than Duffy herself!!!
Terry Gasaway:
busy boy:
still one of the most enjoyable performance in the southern emisphere......
like a comet brithing up the sky.....so enjoyable.

GREAT! Wonderful 13years old boy sing Listen without music ..

Incredible Child Singer EVER ! 8 Years Old !