Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!

>>imryanang>>Judges Lack Confidence in This Shy 14 Year Old Until She Starts Singing!
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She can sing, like really, really well, its nkt my taste and find itba little annoying but ill still give it to her, she gives me like, 90s..80s vibes its pretth damn good even though its not my style, and it feelz good that im the type to still be able to admit that even though im not a huge fsn of it, unlike some people.
Charlie Weaver:
Can't judge a book by it's cover
Costa Rica Ballroom Academy USA:
Poor thinking on the judges, small minds think like that. Congratulations Girls, you are amazing.
Flen Falten:
We all judge people before they utter a single word. There are people you hate first time you see them. And we all more or less pre-judge others one way or another first time we see them. Haven't you ever judged your teacher first time he came into class? I bet you did.
Infinite Pawns:
Her voice is not for me, but I can still see the beauty in it. js
Isabel Beszterczey:
Jason Conlan:
Who are those no marks? Ronan Keating can't sing for shit
Jaune Smiley:
So many girls are generally the bitchiest cunts on the planet. Seems they still haven't learnt not to fucking pre judge people. You haven't even heard how the girl can sing and you're smirking and taking the piss out of how she looks. The Judges are just as bad. Grown people thinking they know the outcome before it's even happened. Assholes. People just annoy me. You want to know where those "Camp" bitchy gay men learn to behave the way they do, just watch these cunts in the audience.

Sorry, but pre judging is so fucking lame. And I'm not talking about ALL gay men, I'm talking about the nasty, spiteful ones that make me want to smack them, when they pick on the way people look.
judges pissed me off...assholes....
Peter Akinwunmi:
In my opinion this sounds even better than the original!!!!
Quentin Louisiana:
fake.. judges all know before.. I hate this fake surprise rubbish
R2FicialVEVO Entertainer OFFICIAL:
I would like honest feedback on my songs in my channel. I write, sing and record my songs all by myself and I want some comments or feedback. What you think? P.s. Im a beginner
alexander guerrero:
Cunt judges.... shame on them....
dave DavidM:
if this girl was a tall shapely blonde they would be giving her a record contract
these judges are good actors .... their expressions brings drama and ratings to the shows

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