Kid Rock - All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
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Ander T.:
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
shoutout to anyone who knew this was a cross between werewolves of london by warren zevon and sweet home alabama by lynard skynnard
Christopher Collins:
God...this takes me back to partying on the beaches at the tip of the thumb in Caseville Michigan! What memories!
Dancho Georgiev:
I like the guy a lot, love all his songs. GOD BLESS HIM!
Harley sakamaki:
man i love this song since i was baby
Jason Argone:
Seems like no matter where you come from in the US, this is American and you are there.
Korn Willis:
Lea Haverland:
I love this song forever! !😙😙😚😚😚😍😍😘😘
Nathan Harkins:
omg I just meet you in Starbucks
Reagan Combs:
Did this song not come out in the 90s cuz i could've swore they play this in the movie forest gump?? Which came out in 94
S.A. Hogan:
author of THE RED CROWN at books and masquerading as Dense Guy sez: Now lemme get this straight: KR was sampling both "Werewolves of London" AND "Sweet Home Alabama" here?
Sarah Santos:
adoro essa musica😍😍😍😍
Sharry Bucholz:
This song brings back sweet memories only it was 1979.
Tracy Haggard:
Where have those days gone, I so wish I go back to them
swoogie 1:
Everytime this song starts I think I'm going to hear Wherewolves of London, and then I'm disappointed. It's OK, but it's no Wherewolves of London.

    The Official Music Video for Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" off his album ROCK N ROLL JESUS

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