Kid Rock - All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
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One of my favorite songs of all time!!
Fredrick Cooper:
I love my daddy for eve r in life is he is my everything and my whole world to do anything for my and me nad love rea baby girl for ever in life Will do anything for baby if she is r life I didn't vote for her is shit sue the world
So many summer memories with this song, damn already 10 years? No way. Unbelievable how fast time flies, still jam out to this with my dad every summer around the campfire and on cruises down the many highways of the Island.
Jackson Chiles Sr.:
But.... did he get his big dish of beef chow mein?
Jenna Gulczynski:
I use to live in west Michigan. By Silver Lake and i must be about same age as kid Rock cause this was my life then ... Love lake mi and miss it.
Still so crazy watching this, because one of the extra hotties went to my high school. Blows my mind where some people wind up when they grew up in the the smallest town. Still proud of you Monica!! 😘
Ku Anh:
thank for your video, i love this
Njiakin Andre:
il ne manque plus que le feu de bois et un bon gigot
Otto Von Skidmark:
Don't stop thinking about the werewolves of Alabama all summer long
Paul Griffin:
The junior Senator from Michigan...
Sam Ottoson:
This is basically a mashup of sweet home Alabama and werewolves of London
Sam Sticka:
"Northern Michigan" as in the upper peninsula?
Tammy M Hatley:
love his voice reminds me when I was young in 1977
>Tfw you'll never be a Southerner drinking moonshine while listening to Lynyrd and cleaning your shotgun

Why even live...
bohannon whatley:
thank for your video, i love this

    The Official Music Video for Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" off his album ROCK N ROLL JESUS

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