LaMelo Ball Shushes Crowd With Three After Nasty Dunk By Marsei Caston

>>BallerVisions>>LaMelo Ball Shushes Crowd With Three After Nasty Dunk By Marsei Caston
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Chanae Boice:
He needs to get more physical and built muscle.
Correll Elite:
Lamelo sucks at defense but good at shooting
Elijah Lay:
that nigga lamelo ball's form is off but he still be wetting his shot like water
I thought my headphones broke. Scared the hell outta me
He looks like he's going to be more like his brother lonzo
Jygga Swoop:
this cocky ass doesnt lift ass nigga. gonna be a bust
Landen Kassab:
No hate to lamelo but he won't make the nba he doesn't take high percentage shots at all and teams don't like that
Mr. D:
hes gonna shoot full court when he get in his senior year
why all the ball brothers so ugly lmao
The crowd was still really loud lol
joanna castillo:
Ball brothers got me interested to watch highschool basketball
Can anyone play defense? Every video I see someone driving up the middle or just leave a shooter open
Both teams were coached by James hardens defense
sup boi:
NEXT VIDEO: Lamelo eats a sandwich
you piru:
his big bro needs to tie him up and trim that hair. nicca looking like a real bish out here


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