Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown - All Eyes On You (Official Video)

>>MeekMillTV>>Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown - All Eyes On You (Official Video)
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like por la linda piscina ☝️
Asha Reid:
I love you Nicki Minaj and this is a great song love love love. ajah
Brandon Guillory:
I love you Meek I am your biggest fan I want you to be my boyfriend because you is cute.Tell Nicky that I say hi and I like your songs ok bae.Sorry my name is Lanasia Smith
Cruella Dreadvil:
youre right yall "was"
glad yall not together no more
Nicki Fan Not Meek
I like her and Nas tho
Nas sexy intelligent and talented
she so fucking ugly bra breezy gotta remix this without meek and the bitch
Gray Is Bae:
no lie, he kinda looks like Chance The Rapper (Pls dont kill meh)
Jackie Galeana:
Uhh I love Chris brown❤️❤️😔
Kitty _YT:
Why do all the song nowadays have to be about porn and sex?
Marwan_magdi Fathy:
i love this mix so much love you nicki minaj fans in egypt
Mehmet Genc:
klipte mekk millin elini ovuşturmaktan eli tutuşacak amk
Milxy Stacey:
What's Nicki gone do to remove Meek from all the songs they did together " 🤷🏽‍♀️deleting pictures is easy ... but how do we delete some 1 from a video 😜😂😂😜.... they "were" d flyest.... as they knew they wer gone break up... love me my Nicki
This retarded asshole just copied one of the greatest verses in hip-hop history... How can you disrespect one of the greatest rapper like Biggie like that? Fucking wack ass son of a bitch..
Silvano Ekonde:
Drake BBMA "the LOVE of my Life, NIcki"
Tarrence Harris:
That's sad over 275million views....for Nicki Minaj. Just remix it and call it all eyes on me.*** i don't wanna hear this ever again even when she say they better off as just friends! Meek bad career move...son.
hailey wilson:
I like how she is love you and you guys are kissing and he has a very cute voice. I Love you


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