Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown - All Eyes On You (Official Video)

>>MeekMillTV>>Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown - All Eyes On You (Official Video)
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Anita Adams:
lets face it... i came here for nicki and chris, all eys on them. by by Meek
Baptista Ferreira Costa:
o youtube melhorou muito nestes anos ta gooood
Bryce Small:
i watched this video atleast 30 times and i never realised migos were in it
Dodou Bah:
All Lies On Trust its so sad how it all became All Lies at the End...
Joanna M:
I feel like this song & right by your side are like twins. they kind of have a similar meaning altogether
John Boone:
Its 2017 and I still can't get over the fact that they trashed biggies flow 😐especially meek 😭
Just Rae:
i love you nick minaj and meek mill
2pac's movie All eyes on me lol
Mario Adams:
I love your work👌👌👌👌.
Meilani Pernell:
Hey probably regret this song cuz they are not with each other no more😬
Nasteha Aden:
You know Nicki is 6 years older than meek right.
Nichole Hills:
I just saw the Migos in this video
Sajid Ali:
Normal song=20 to 30 million views
Ft nicki minaj=200 to 300 million views
Vines Nation:
like you you think nicky's pool part was best
kimberley lewis:
Why nicki n meek dun seriously i thought this song had seal the relationship.I so hate meek now stupseeee

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