Ankle Breakers, Crossovers, and Handles - Damon Harge, Johnathan McGriff, Tyler Ulis

>>CityLeagueHoopsTV>>Ankle Breakers, Crossovers, and Handles - Damon Harge, Johnathan McGriff, Tyler Ulis
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AL Yank:
have you ever heard of you reach I teach lol man when they go learn now who
go be my victim come get it .
0:23 I did that to the tallest kid in my grade
Eghosa Otokiti:
When you slide into your DM's, but you get rejected. 0:25
incredible ankle breaker it's so hard to can this!!!! and I can't find the
song in YouTube :(
Luis Carlos Tabian:
no one can cure this
not even the best doctor in the world
Mr Take Ya:
2:15 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nigel Delaney:
This video contains many ankle breaking viewers description is advised
Playaa Tae Tae concieted:
this is where I be getting my moves from👌👌👌
SooglePlus Gucks:
Video should be called "Dirty Gym Floors"
Terry Vela:
kid reminded me of donatello 0:29
coneon22 Tv:
thats how i learned how do a split.
elirah formaran:
kinda awsome........(GIRL POWER)
jay brown:
2:32 gotdamn if he dont have handles like a muthafucka ...shidd if i had to
guard him ill say fuck it and let him pass lol
xXInSaNiTyXx - G0d of b03!:
these got point guards playing twister!
xxHollow Manxx33:
What's the name of the song👀💪

    Ankle Breakers, Crossovers, and Handles is a collection of some of the top ball handling plays to ever be captured on CityLeagueHoops. The Ankle Breakers video features some of the top guards in the country including Damon Harge, Chase Adams, Johnathan McGriff, and Tyler Ulis. To improve your ball handling skills make sure to check out Reps On Reps new program Ball On A String