Ankle Breakers, Crossovers, and Handles - Damon Harge, Johnathan McGriff, Tyler Ulis

>>CityLeagueHoopsTV>>Ankle Breakers, Crossovers, and Handles - Damon Harge, Johnathan McGriff, Tyler Ulis
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This mix was straight up savage
De'anthony Thomas:
if you agree you press the like button
Diego DaGawwd:
This is why I don't play defense at the park lmao
Here, take this W:
I can't cross anyone up because I don't have basketball shoes...
Herobrine Esquivel:
What is the name of the video because this is not a kid rhythm - mogul status
J4cqu3s Cl0s34u:
They make it look easy (to make someone break their ankles to the level where they do a split) but is it actually achievable?🔥🔥🔥
this is prolly the best crossover video
Nigel Delaney:
This video contains many ankle breaking viewers description is advised
Proof Account:
I had to make my little brother happy by "letting" him make me fall on purpose just to prove his friends he is sooo good but when it was his other friends turn, guess who falls
Selena Gomez:
i like that sound tittle plzzzzz????
Had to wait for the wifi to work but that was amazing
Z Fun:
these boys are going to rule the future……again
abdoulaye doumbia:
waaaooh jé aimeeeeeeeeeeeeeee çaaaaaaaaa
james adou:
ce serait plutot cool si tu mettais des ralentis
tecknos africa:
very efficient , you go down quickly , one of them did the great split

    Ankle Breakers, Crossovers, and Handles is a collection of some of the top ball handling plays to ever be captured on CityLeagueHoops. The Ankle Breakers video features some of the top guards in the country including Damon Harge, Chase Adams, Johnathan McGriff, and Tyler Ulis. To improve your ball handling skills make sure to check out Reps On Reps new program Ball On A String