Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club

>>CraigmorganVEVO>>Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club
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Craig Morgan,Country,Red,Redneck Yacht Club

A Nonymous:
Notice the appearance of young Blake Shelton in this music video!
Annabelle Rudy:
did anyone else see blake shelton?????
Brad Venturato:
craig morgan is a complete idiot for putting his fourwheeler in the lake, $5000 down the drain, good job!
Brenda Boatman:
I'm a country girl and I love only country music and I'm proud of being a country girl
Eaglesfan 25:
Is Blake Shelton in this? There's a dude who looks a lot like him
Erin Hellman:
I swear I'm seeing Blake Shelton!!!. At 1:56!!! Its gonna be him but with long hair not short !
Kody Barger:
I'am FFA Chaplain Hilliard Chapter & 4-H County Council/Leadership Club Iam Recreational Leader,Reporter & Historian & Just Harvested my garden today from my Ag Class :) So we will be eating good for a few days.
Mckenna Jewel:
Obama is no longer our president now we have trump
Mrsean Stevenson:
just think with trump as president we should be able to afford to do this once in a while because we won't have to pay healthcare fines.
Isn't that Miranda Lambert at 1:34?
HAHA, the kid 3:13. That awkward stage of when young boys are too cool to smile.
did anyone know that blake shelton is in the video
The Alpha Wildcat:
Like for the pro fisher Blake Shelton?
Tom Akers:
Reminds me of Anchor Bay on Lake St. Clair. All summer long there's a huge party every night, the bay filled with hundreds of boats, from bass boats to yachts.
mr. unknown for real:
what I can't fucking understand is where the fuck did all these GOOD COUNTRY SINGERS go? now country music is a shit show. you've got F.G.L. singing with the Backstreet Boys, that gay cock suckered sam hunt singing complete pop shit and somehow he was still nominated at the CMA'S.

    Music video by Craig Morgan performing Redneck Yacht Club. (C) 2005 Broken Bow Records