Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club

>>CraigmorganVEVO>>Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club
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Redneck Yacht Club,Craig Morgan,Country,Red

Alex Stewart:
I love this song. The rhythm is so funny. Sounds like they're rednecks. LOL :D :P
Anthony Mangano:
How can anyone give this a thumbs down? :)
Barry Roberts:
One of the greatest songs ever.
Felicity Appl:
I like the we love part and when Blake Shelton throws his hat on the ground
Keith Robinson:
Aaron Tippin was hilarious on the jet ski also was that Blake Sheltons real hair being that long?
Kevin Tizoni:
Im Bolivian and I love country music
Lori Flincher:
Mustang Josh:
I'm a beer drinker and I approve this message
I liked the blake shelton apperance. Purdy funny.
I want to meet the women in this video!
Someone get these guys a tripod or image stabilizer! What's with the shaky camerawork?
Love the song, can't stand the shaky, nausea-inducing video.
anna pearson:
this gives me the instant urge to get some friends together and go to the lake. I mean I'm Southern, so it's only necessary
Sgt. Morgan sure do miss your music I hope you can find it it in your heart to come back and grace us with your music
sean hooks:
playing this one while having a ball on lake lanier has to be the best feeling on earth.
tony mika:
O.P. y no I yuv u boi T

    Music video by Craig Morgan performing Redneck Yacht Club. (C) 2005 Broken Bow Records