Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club

>>CraigmorganVEVO>>Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club
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A Nonymous:
Notice the appearance of young Blake Shelton in this music video!
Annabelle Rudy:
did anyone else see blake shelton?????
Brad Venturato:
craig morgan is a complete idiot for putting his fourwheeler in the lake, $5000 down the drain, good job!
Brenda Boatman:
I'm a country girl and I love only country music and I'm proud of being a country girl
Dakota Brown:
nice song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dale Devito:
any body notice blake on the bass boat gettn sprayed lol
E Drew:
This wasn't even that long ago and I still miss this kind of country music.
Eaglesfan 25:
Is Blake Shelton in this? There's a dude who looks a lot like him
Joanne Ivancic:
Just for fun. Thinking of Colonial Beach, Matawoman Creek, Fairview Beach. SUMMER!
Reese Bradford:
Everyone is amazed that they saw Blake Shelton but I haven't seen the first comment about Aaron tippin being in the video.
Isn't that Miranda Lambert at 1:34?
The Alpha Wildcat:
Like for the pro fisher Blake Shelton?
I'm white and I love country music
mr. unknown for real:
what I can't fucking understand is where the fuck did all these GOOD COUNTRY SINGERS go? now country music is a shit show. you've got F.G.L. singing with the Backstreet Boys, that gay cock suckered sam hunt singing complete pop shit and somehow he was still nominated at the CMA'S.
southern pride:
howdy yah who doesn't love thus old country music yeehaww

    Music video by Craig Morgan performing Redneck Yacht Club. (C) 2005 Broken Bow Records