Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club

>>CraigmorganVEVO>>Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club
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Benjamin De Vita:
Don't forget Aaron Tippin is in this too
Billy Sams:
Where was that shot land between the lakes? Cause it looks like it?
Brain Morrow:
Craig, you are so good. Keep cranking out the music. I love this song, "Almost home", Int'l Harvester and so many more. Thanks for the great songs!
Cummins Duramax Buisness:
what a dick making waves in a no wake zone. lol jk
Draft Party:
Isint it kind of racist because their white
Get Reel Bass Fishing:
Blake Shelton is in this XD hahahaha
Joel Agnelly:
i would give anything for this.
Logan Poole:
Looks like a redneck family reunion... lol 🍻
No use for lazy people None.:
In 1969 when I got out of the service I made friends with a guy who's dad owned a Boat dealership. It was his "JOB" to take the trade-ins out for the weekend to make sure they ran well. He also had a cabin on the lake....Yeah, That had to have been the FIRST Redneck Yacht Clubs...What a Summer. More girls then you could imagine and all that fun too.
Sirens of NE Ohio:
This video reminds me of going to Tappan Lake
Steel Rhodes:
2018 wow 2000 to 2010 were the years πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ
Sweet Victory:
Actually looks like fun because I am damn tired of the fake rednecks at my school they all think that because they dip and wear cowboy boots that they are from the from the country but everyone of them goes back to house in the city and has never spent a day in the woods or on the lake
Tony Bates:
The lake is percy priest lake, 30 minutes outside of Nashville.
Wesley Edwards:
Blue Mountain Lake, Arkansas...πŸ§’πŸ•ΆπŸΊπŸš€πŸš€
I bet they had so much fun making that video

    Music video by Craig Morgan performing Redneck Yacht Club. (C) 2005 Broken Bow Records