Craziest Interceptions in Football History ᴴᴰ

>>the CNtaco>>Craziest Interceptions in Football History ᴴᴰ
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A. Ghoul:
1:05 Just like Odell and they’re literally rivals
AJ Sweeney:
First play was 100% on the quarteback
Carson CarCar:
I was at the preseason game 6:45
David Goodwin:
7:00 shouldn't count it bounced on his arm then he went down and secured it bounced off his shoulder and forearm just like dez Bryant's so yeah if that counts dez shoudlbe been a catch bs
Dominic Carrier:
Anyone who’s watching from 2018: did u realize on the first one it was Nick Foles
Fresh Flame:
Who else thought the qbs face paint was his eyes for a second at 0:00
That's the only time Chris conte will pick someone off
Jarko Limbo:
Did anyone else wonder why the defensive players who made the fantastic interception (and weren't downed) didn't get up and keep running?
There were only a few that did. .... That said-AMAZING!
Jesse G:
How do you not have the Oklahoma state interception vs Oklahoma
2:20 was the only play Chris Conte ever made in his life, and it's why the fuckin Bears kept him around for a decade while he sucked worse than anyone to ever play the game.
Scott Siler Golf:
how could u not throw the Oregon vs Oregon State interception idk maybe 4-5 years ago that was one of the craziest ever
You forgot T-Sizzle's thigh interception of Big Ben
Stephen Eickhoff:
In this video, you can see the first and last play Kiko Alonso ever made for the Eagles.
kaj de jaager:
Piece method soul sutfb fault pool wow big satisfaction desire power psychology flip.
king thriller2983:
I'm a raider and jaguars fan but my boy Troy from Pittsburgh

    The craziest and most acrobatic interceptions in football history!

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