Chris Stapleton - Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from CMA Music Festival)

>>CMAVEVO>>Chris Stapleton - Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from CMA Music Festival)
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Ben Miller:
I'd love to see a Chris Stapleton/Sturgill Simpson concert
Derek Mixon is a bad mother too! Play that drum kit!! Just got turned on to these guys today...amazing!!
Ditchbank Bootlegger:
country the way country sposed to be
Drew Bryant:
who are the 15 retards who put the upside down thumbs on this...... no lie this shit makes me want to grab an 8 ball, a pack of cigarettes, and a 5th of Jim beam and steal a truck to go backroading with.
Eric Carty Carty:
way to go eastern KY boys know how to rock it out keep it real!! #kyproblems
Greg Stoddard:
beast...Chris is beast......bfi..boyz from Illinois hunting, fuckin,loving every minute of it
J Ward:
I stumbled upon Chris at the Tiny Desk series and I just love this guy!!
If you don`t like Chris Stapleton ...well then you can just kiss my Rebel dick! He`s our Waylon, our Haggard, and our Cash ...and the only hope for country music. To not accommodate ...or try to assimilate other genres of music into country, doesn`t make us racist, it just means we like it real and the way it always has been. If your main and only goal is to appease teenage girls and to sell albums, and in doing so dilute country into some trendy R&B/hip-hop shit, then piss off! If I`ve hurt anyone`s feelings, start over and stop when you get to the first period. BTW, that`s not "how I roll"`s how I talk!
Josey Dale:
I'd take him over Jamie Johnson anytime. Lol
They are both great singers / songwriters but Stapleton has that blues tone that I just love and never get tired of.
Josh Mcneely:
one of many things I like about them is they dress casual and comfy and not like a glitter bottle blew up
Kim Beall:
I grew up with Willy, Waylon, Hank, Hank Jr, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Loretta.......oh my Lord.

God just gave breath to real country music once more with Chris and Morgane. Thank you, sweet Jesus.
Mendy Morris:
bb king the blues man is awesome
let me hear some more
Mike Ryan:
gonna be at country on the river in prairie du chien wi in 2017
Teri Moss:
Tyler Worley:
I've followed him since the steel drivers. What an amazing soul and voice from this guy. He is truly country music!!!

    Music video by Chris Stapleton performing Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock").