Chris Stapleton - Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from CMA Music Festival)

>>CMAVEVO>>Chris Stapleton - Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from CMA Music Festival)
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Aaron Zevgolis:
Chris is the perfect blend of outlaw country and blues. Pure old school country. Man can sing, write music, and play the guitar.
Amber S:
I love the fact that he performs with his wife. Love him.
Bluto Mosc:
Kris Kristofferson on the drums? right? reincarnated.?
Bradley Sarver:
the unsung hero here is the bass player. Some tasty licks!!!!!
Chillinlikascottfreevillian 1OUTLAW:
sevens gone but seven knew that your song was never true and seven sang loud and clear bout the pain you brang in the prison years when seven died You never cried held it in even tried a grin but when you hit your knees you called Sevens name and down in your pleas you felt sevens pain didn't understand the song seven sung you didn't stand a chance you were just too young she was a teacher and you were a child she tried to reach you but you were just too wild so she didn't stick around when you fell down you said but baby don't go you're the one she said oh no the damage is done you were gone five years seven moved on you didn't see her tears but you heard her new song yeah you heard her new song You came home revenge on your mind but seven was alone and she was blind you kissed the top of her head and said I still love you instead you came back later Justin was there seven said this ain't the man that made you but he's the one that cared he's the one that cared Justin said you going to be my daddy again you said no man but I'll try to be your friend seven just smiled and shook her head said go on child get ready for bed then she looked at you the memories came back she said baby your song was true but you left me to hold the slack you turned to leave seven said wait weve both been deceived but it's never too late will you give me a kiss that's something I missed you said seven don't make me fall I don't want to lose at all she looked at the ground said I won't let you down you took her in your arms and forgot all about the farm and the years just washed away it was you and seven again dancing and loving all day listening to the radio play
John lp:
the 88 thumbs down must have had there nuts clipped or at least gay
Kevin Lynch:
It's great to have a new voice in country/Rock that has the sound and soul of old! luv it!!! I can't wait to see u live!
Matt Godfrey:
Eric church said we need a country music Jesus to save us all. He's here and he's name is STAPLETON
Nikki F.:
I know you guys will hate me for this but it needs to be said. Chris is amazing!!! His wife is so, so. She makes a good back up singer and tambourine player. The problem is she constantly wants to be center stage with Chris and takes all of his energy away from the audience. He is always singing to her and not the audience. If he'd direct all of his energy and eye contact towards to audience, ................whew, then it would be an out of body experience.
Scott Waszak:
Got that open G tuning Keith Richards thang goin on ;-)
Love this Live! Oh does he ROCK it !!!
brett stafford:
that steele guitar at the
Best CMA performance ever! Thank you for that Mr. Chris Stapleton n band!
intersting chatter:
I love him becuase he indulges my love of blues, southern rock same thing happened with gretchen wilson those two are the ones I even came to like country CHRIS is on aonther level
preston Terrel:
Bout time country music got some balls back!!!!Chris Stapleton came along at a perfect time Thank You Chris! !!!!!!!

    Music video by Chris Stapleton performing Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock").