Chris Stapleton - Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from CMA Music Festival)

>>CMAVEVO>>Chris Stapleton - Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from CMA Music Festival)
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Ben Miller:
I'd love to see a Chris Stapleton/Sturgill Simpson concert
Benny Hawkins:
I agree! Please,let's all get stoned
Ditchbank Bootlegger:
country the way country sposed to be
If you don`t like Chris Stapleton ...well then you can just kiss my Rebel dick! He`s our Waylon, our Haggard, and our Cash ...and the only hope for country music. To not accommodate ...or try to assimilate other genres of music into country, doesn`t make us racist, it just means we like it real and the way it always has been. If your main and only goal is to appease teenage girls and to sell albums, and in doing so dilute country into some trendy R&B/hip-hop shit, then piss off! If I`ve hurt anyone`s feelings, start over and stop when you get to the first period. BTW, that`s not "how I roll"`s how I talk!
John O'Connor:
Can I just say I love all types of music but for that past few years I felt country was sort of stale. Love rock n roll, and will ALWAYS have a part of my soul for blues, and my god Chris Stapleton totally nailed it the past year +. He has tons of soul with a blues/country tone! Finally whoever says that Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake is not the greatest live award show concert ever has no heart for music!! Rock on Chris!
Josey Dale:
I'd take him over Jamie Johnson anytime. Lol
They are both great singers / songwriters but Stapleton has that blues tone that I just love and never get tired of.
Lisa B:
He doesn't need hid wife!Much better without!
Nathan Robbin:
Hes got that outlaw voice that sounds like it comes straight from the delta. Great phrasing, great look and the energy
Ronald Neville:
great guitar player singer very good voice he puts the c back n country
Scott Furence:
the 36 dislikes are the people that still think marijuana kills
Sean Albert:
This guy is the best. Plain and simple. Had the privilege of working on the stage he played at Loufest in STL. On his off time he stuck around for some of the other acts, and wasn't unapproachable! Super nice laid back dude. He also covered Freebird in that set so that's a HUGE win for a Skynyrd fan!
Thunder Death 2:
got dang who is this guy!!!!!!!
Warren Wylds:
I love Morgans face at the beginning she is like aw Hell I can't believe he is Gonna Play this tune Let's do it
aron stotts:
country's been my like sice Birth. wouldn't want it any other way
Best CMA performance ever! Thank you for that Mr. Chris Stapleton n band!

    Music video by Chris Stapleton performing Might As Well Get Stoned (Live from "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock").