Twitter flips after seeing Joseph Fiennes play Michael Jackson

>>Page Six>>Twitter flips after seeing Joseph Fiennes play Michael Jackson
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Bbm add#11:
You are racists. Not those who think it's fine for a white person to portray later years Michael Jackson. Those of you who have a problem with it based on skin color are the racists. By the way, Did you see Michael in the last 10 years of his life? The regressive left, at it again.
Cory Baxter:
Am I the only one who completely loses it when he says, "I sensed danger!"? Hahahahaha
His Dudeness:
Someone explain to me what the problem was?
More than the look of him i.e skin colour. The voice is just wrong.
Matthew Rider:
Joseph's brother, Lord Voldemort, would have been the perfect choice to portray Michael Jackson.

Voldemort had the powdery white skin, the flucked up nose, and a seriously messed up obsession with a pre-teen boy.
Paxout Outname:
Michael Jackson should have been play by a Catholic Priest.
Maybe people would have been less offended by Dave Chapelle doing Michael Jackson in white-face? Chapelle couldn't have pulled off the nose, though. The comment from Brando about Prince trying to kill his monkey with dreams is priceless. I hope this segment shows up on torrent.
Ruby McCabe:
I'm disgusted. No one can steal who Michael is or was. He was just one person. It is the most crappiest MJ thing ever.
Sea Biscuit:
Ok here's what I don't get people have been making fun of Michael for years Eminem did it scary movie did it and tons of others and nobody said a thing or made it a big deal why is that now people want to start making it a big deal now that he is dead but they didn't care when he was alive
Steph Webster:
Tf is this bs bruh! Don't do anything n leave Mj alone. Y'all tryna ruin his career, looks n anything else he got. Let him r.i.h! This man probably rolling round in his grave talking bout "tf is they doing to my name bruhh! A hee hee need 2 get the stepping!" We all know mike was black n we all know he didn't care for skin color. Therefore let's cut out the bs n put some respect on my homies name cuz!#Get tf outta here wit dat bs#Im sorry on their behalf MJ#Put some respect on his name😥😭😡🙌💯
Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo. This is why you see him with umbrellas. The media destroyed Michaels imagine to make it look like he would bleach his skin. When in reality he had a skin condition.
Vineeta Vineeta:
The actress that plays liz Taylor when she acts I am believing it is Liz when I look at "Michael Jackson" it just breaks the illusion and is just not believable, it's disappointing and I'm just not feeling it
josh in bama:
im only here for the black people who are butt hurt and talk about "how far we've come" but knowing they didnt say a thing when white chicks came out. black privlege i guess
nadya britt:
I'm furious 😡😡😡😡😡
stormer the misfits:
I am sure the jackson family didn't like it... when they saw this trailer😜😜😛😛😛😛😛

    Twitter users cannot keep their composure after seeing the trailer for 'Urban Myths,' where Joseph Fiennes portrays Michael Jackson. Many people called out the new series for its controversial casting.