Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV
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Anon Ymous:
whenever julian shoots an open three it looks like somebody left their kid lmaoo
Anthony ngop-loti:
The ring is it at the same height?
Brandon Phillips:
Julian is good but he is kind of o ball hog he doesn't pass the ball all he does is shoot. he is a show off he is taunting and over dribbling
Emilcy Reyes:
Julian newman is a monster with his shot of 3
Emmanuel Martinez:
This Boi is grown ass man playin with lil ass kids😂he swear he think he doin something
Jacorey Jones:
for whoever is sneak dissing on here how about y'all guard them in tell me the results and what happened
Jamier Severino:
one thing i wanna say DEFENSE wheres the defense they bearly even played defense
Janoss Polinar:
Can Kyree push off a nigga any harder?
Kem -:
Bro I was crying when that kid missed the dunk lol.
Koh Zile:
Kyree just pushed the kid what a dick
Kvann Solomon:
My name Aiden Solomon I play basketball at my home🐶🏀
Mohammed Bin Sultan:
Ugliest outfit ever made by human
Tarl Clyde Igot:
Julian Newman will be a great international player but never in NBA.
Voltiax Trax:
i fucking hate how Kyree Thinks he crosses people when he shoves the shit out of his opponents
Like in my Opinion he not good The only way he scores is by lucky shots and having a height advantage.
Young Scee:
Those uniforms looks like vomit.

    Julian Newman exploded for 52 points this past weekend at the MSHTV camp in Westfield, Indiana. He played against the #1 player in 2020, Kyree Walker. Kyree scored 40 points (30 in the 1st half). Julian's squad was down by 21 pts at halftime. They came back and won 86-84.

Kyree is the #1 ranked player in 2020. Julian is the #1 point guard in 2020.

SPECIAL THANKS to Ty Kish - More videos from MSHTV camp coming soon!