Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV
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Amber Chavez:
The ball brothers or Zion Williamson will shut them all down!!
Anonymous s:
the amount of times Julian double dribbled is disgusting
its so fun pointing out white people in this video. They're so rare, its like a little treat every time you see one :D
Eric Yomar Gotay:
"Haard work work" stupid Nigga 😹😒🙄
Harshit Poojary:
1:40 It is a back court right?
Lol at first from the thumbnail of the video I thought that it's NBA 2k17! HAAHAHHAHA
Jason Testa:
So called "Kyree" didn't cross him up he just threw him to the ground.
King Henn:
I really like basketball and i want to play it and shit but im really trash at it
Lay xo:
at 1:13 he didnt cross him he shoved him
Logan Felts:
1:30 this lil nigga really just disrespected him like that
Melody Woods:
Kyree aint got nothing on Julian. He is twice the size of everyone on the court and the only shot he can make is a dunk that's because he's barely got to jump .
Peter Thompson:
What kind of clown ass shit was this ? 1 on 1 full court. ..
Seneya Martinez:
They both have real cocky attitude. I hate that is much
Shawn Bamba:
Lamelo is better 52 two points lamelo can do it in hi sleep over 90 points ha
SyedOmer Ahmer:
Doesn't this look like high quality video game

    Julian Newman exploded for 52 points this past weekend at the MSHTV camp in Westfield, Indiana. He played against the #1 player in 2020, Kyree Walker. Kyree scored 40 points (30 in the 1st half). Julian's squad was down by 21 pts at halftime. They came back and won 86-84.

Kyree is the #1 ranked player in 2020. Julian is the #1 point guard in 2020.

SPECIAL THANKS to Ty Kish - More videos from MSHTV camp coming soon!