Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV
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Dara Campo:
does anyone else see how much of a pushoff was on that one crossover that Kyree Walker did on the kid? He literally had his whole arm around his back and pushed him as he crossed over
Gabriel Lee:
Notice how pretty much everyone is black
I love pizza 13938272:
Yea in the middle of the game go on the court sooo smart...
Jacob sims:
No doubt this Julian kid is 100x better than me at basketball (I’m a wrestler) but if he ever did some disrespectful shit like bouncing the ball off my face to me I’d beat the living fuck outta him.
James Newman:
You are seeing an egotistical player and people are cheering that on. Basketball has always been and always will be a team sport..And that you man will grow to find himself a lonely man one day.
Jesse King:
Kid is a ball hog and a show boat basketball is a team sport scouts don't like ball hogs keep up the show boating dummie...
Josue Zunta:
0:50 es doble?? O si vale hacer eso?
Reese is Savage:
man the guy who keeps on dunking is like 6'10. all the other are like 5'7
Sara Kennedy:
Cant watch the game when everyones on court
Savage101 Savage 011:
Kyree pushed the man with his left arm
Selina Ramirez:
the big guy on the not on the ELITE MIXTAPES is showing off
TheRealG's Channel:
No offense but he is not gonna last long in the NBA
I know i know ur like BRO U CANT SAY MUCH, ONE V ONE HIM
but reality sucks
Upkaar Pabla:
*Bounces ball of head*
richard savage:
I hate when the try to push off a Nigga
srinidhi venkatesh:
You know what?
If he weren't such a ball hog and wasn't so cocky he would be insanely amazing 🙌

    Julian Newman exploded for 52 points this past weekend at the MSHTV camp in Westfield, Indiana. He played against the #1 player in 2020, Kyree Walker. Kyree scored 40 points (30 in the 1st half). Julian's squad was down by 21 pts at halftime. They came back and won 86-84.

Kyree is the #1 ranked player in 2020. Julian is the #1 point guard in 2020.

SPECIAL THANKS to Ty Kish - More videos from MSHTV camp coming soon!