Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV
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Aiden Howard:
For one of the cross overs kyree pushed the kid
Balint Gal:
Kyree walker is 43 years old
Clout God Fazo 2k16:
Kyree gone be ass in college
Connor Shotz:
Wy is everyone saying that Julian Newman's style is only good for
streetball. He averages 28 points 8 assists 5 rebounds and 4 steals a game.
Stats don't lie.
Guy Guys:
show his defense of he has any
Hello World:
ima wait for kemba irvings mixtape
julian way colder than kyree he dunking on like 5'3 kids, lmao foh
Michael Fleming:
Kyree walker is good but he playing kids younger than him......Julian is
way to cocky, put someone that can actually tough defense and he got
nothing...... i bet $1000 that my team could win against by 30+ easily
Patrick Peters:
they get to excited about everything
Sielle Neal:
I think Jordan Newman is way over rated. All he did was stand there doing
the same stupid handles to not go anywhere then he shot a 3 pointer. Yay.
Why train to get those handles to not use them?
The Vlogger for life 15:
Why did kyree leave the game?
WeBe Flexin:
Cocky Lil bastard huh! Always saying "come on", or "they can't guard me"
obviously you cant either if they only show the offensive clips your trash
on defense. My sister's taller than this clown who is he stopping or
blocking? The score 82-82 until the last seconds of the game goes to show
someone isn't doing what there suppose to on the defensive end and I'm
gonna go ahead and assume its him, throughout a 7 minuet video not ONE clip
was shown of him playing D.
how old they are? if 12-13 not bad ,but easy to stop this kind of players
with team def
h. boss:
the other team has Kyree walker
zak hamad:
Throw the damn ball in my face, and I'd fucking break your god damn neck.

    Julian Newman exploded for 52 points this past weekend at the MSHTV camp in Westfield, Indiana. He played against the #1 player in 2020, Kyree Walker. Kyree scored 40 points (30 in the 1st half). Julian's squad was down by 21 pts at halftime. They came back and won 86-84.

Kyree is the #1 ranked player in 2020. Julian is the #1 point guard in 2020.

SPECIAL THANKS to Ty Kish - More videos from MSHTV camp coming soon!