Najee Harris "OFFICIAL" Senior MIXTAPE!!! Alabama's Next GREAT RB...

>>PassportplayasTV>>Najee Harris "OFFICIAL" Senior MIXTAPE!!! Alabama's Next GREAT RB...
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Ben Franklin:
He looks like an awkward runner. If he fixes it, he will truly be unstoppable
Bobby Jones:
Not as impressive as Swift. He looked terrible in the all American game must be bc his HS competition is not as competitive
Charles Current:
feet work extra slow good power back tho
Corey Buckner:
By all accounts he seems like a great kid too. Wishing him much future success, but it makes me cringe to see every defender go for his legs.
Jason Chittum:
I was at one of his games and he hurdled the o line
JerzeyRebel 47:
Def got alot better on lowering his shoulders and running through defenders thats gonna def make him even more of a threat in college...Still wish he would have went to FSU
Joey Grant:
I honestly don't see what all the hype is about. His run style wont work on the next level or the nfl especially with how stiff he is when he runs.
Mark Estes:
Swift is better, teehee. Go Dawgs
Robert Harrison:
Real-life: NCAA 2017 Road2Glory
Honestly, everybody is giving props to Najee when in reality they should be giving props to him and the offensive line because the offensive line opened up some pretty big holes for Najee.
William Brown:
he will not see the ball next year
why didn't he go with jim hardbough
alex oruna:
The background music is fucking grandma ass
c Mo:
Eno Benjamin will be a better pro. I see Najee absorbing a lot of contact which will only get more intense moving forward in his career. Good overall power-back but would like to see him improve his ability to miss tacklers at the next levels (college/NFL) vs solely depending on being bigger and faster than his opposing defenses in high school.
oscar b:
Is it just me or does he look like waka flacka


The KID Najee Harris is SUPER HUMAN when it came to his high school football career!!! The MOST DOMINATE player every night. National Prep Stars on PassportplayasTV #WHATSYOURLEGACY