Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry

>>Brad Rawson>>Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry
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Alan Smith:
i wonder if he cries every time he does this tune? Even now, years later, can tell it comes from special place,,
Belinda Reeves:
I never get tired of this song. I love the acoustic versions Best 👍
Brian Coates:
And that...is how it''s done. He is so talented.
Dustin Miller:
Man, Denzel Washington is such a good singer.
Jesse Catlin:
I'm sorry but hootie without the blowfish is like peanut butter without Jelly
Jody Dupont:
Wow. That guy on the left is great. Shit they both great.
Johnny Walker:
D is a musical genius.....and discrimination is a Mutha.......we got that stamina. P1 cleaner than church shoes ahhh! luv fam!!
Jonathan Garner:
I love his voice the most during this period!!!! Rucker’s face was everywhere in the mid ‘90s though.
Robert Hamrick:
Blues voice + great story-telling = greatness
Shadoe Haze:
I hate when they sing live and you can't even song along bc they change the entire style of the song.
Shane Ray:
Darius has a great voice.. i hate the studio shit of any real performer
I absolutely love this man...such talent...
potter j:
Once you go Hootie, you never go Backie :)
sin walker:
who gives a hoot,,, rip angela dawn pg

    Darius Rucker, formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish, live from the KASE 101 Live Music Lounge, Austin, TX.