"Taco Trucks" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"Taco Trucks" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry
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Adrian Lopez:
@FLUFFYGUY can you please get me a Netflix account? I'll do anything
April Knitter:
loved it!!! thank you...my husband gives me that "word"...
Beatrice Villaflor:
My grandpa and uncles makes that noise. My family isnt even Mexican
This special was so freaking funny lol
Fear the Old Blood:
Fluffyyyyy, someone has you whoooole special up. Copyright claim their
I can do that to.
Huka'lakanaka Hakanakaheekalucka'hukahakafaka:
"fine I'll be a whore" *runs off*

I died literally XDDDD
Imelda Garcia:
my dad makes that same exact sound and my mom laughed when she saw it! XD
JandoBlue Tube:
thats ture it comes out of us
Kurosaki Yuuki:
"unfortunately, orange is the new brown now"
LC gaming And stuff:
Ya I seen it and just wow lol lol 😂
Shannon green:
hay can you make just a small clip of "the noise mexicans make" just the
noise lmao
Ahhhhhhhhh that's my favorite part
Xochitl Gonzalez:
Omg I do the ojoitios thing with my baby cousin
Can't tell you how many times I heard my abuelo make that sound!!! Died

    When I eat at a taco truck, the crew HAS to be all female! Here's a sneak peak from my latest special, "I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry!" Catch it worldwide, only on Netflix! -- Watch it here: http://nflx.it/2hQmnZW