Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton

>>Steph Baldwin>>Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton
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Amanda Gregg:
Red red red red red red red red red red red neck
Behind the Act:
real country thank god for this new country sounds more like country singers trying to do pop
How many likes can we get for Copenhagen
Brianna Johnson:
rednecks don't take no shit so true
Isaia O:
Jayanna Wallin:
THIS SONG MAKES ME HAPPY:). My parents hate it cuz he says beer then talking about praying Idc tho it's like the best song everrrrr
Jordy Lowe:
this is one of my favorite songs ever
Mitch Sterling:
Boys round here drinking that ice cold 🍺
Nettie Davis:
get get get get get get wrecked
Oscar a.k.a.:
Lmaoooo how do people like this?!?!
Oxen Chan games:
Not to offend but this is one of the only county songs I listen to

P.S I'm from Oklahoma
Ryan Patterson:
Yeah this redneck song for a redneck like me listen to
Summer Wheeler:
Who's listening from Kentucky? We don't do the dougie
I remember red neck was an insult to southerns and hillbillys now people praise the word
Something really ironic:

Absolutely _none_ of these lyrics apply to me, and yet I find myself very strongly liking this song.

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