Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton

>>Steph Baldwin>>Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton
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Amber Gilliam:
I love this song just like my dad
Austin Coogan:
Carson Smith:
His songs are so good. He is the best country singer in the world! I would sing for him so listen and see how you like it. I think you would!
Danny Langston:
I came because of a spitting video!
Faith Barrett:
I love this song it is my favorite song
Goth Fox:
I'm a kentuckian but I moved to indiana in october
Helen Padilla:
Holly Mcninch:
I love this and I am just a kid. I love u Blake Shelton!
Jackson Janosek:
β€œThe boys around here don’t listen to the Beatles.” Lol
....and here we have Blake Shelton, one of the men partially responsible for the degradation of country music. Fuck this bro-country bullshit.
Kirsten Frost:
If u like this song u should try honky tonk badonkadonk
Kyle Rainer:
It's awful how this song advertises chewing tobacco, but I like this song regardless.
Makayla Gilinsky:
I've had this on repeat for like 3 days and now I'm outta school and summer is starting and I'm just like "this will be my summer song!'
fish head the fisherboy:
Best song good job Blake shelton
panda 233325:
Blake is the best #WhoWatchingIn2018

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