Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton

>>Steph Baldwin>>Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton
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This is something Doc Hudson would listen to lmao
Bob Townsend:
This isn't music, it's marketing.
Emily Lancman:
They played this song at a firework show last night. no lie, I sang along through the whole song, and I had so much fun!
Hannah West:
quite saying bad words there are that would like to see but there parents will not let because people say bad words so please stop
Izaya Wilson:
nope I'm half black,white and indian
James Watson:
red red red red red red red red redneck
Maria clinton:
South Carolina boyz tho, ever tasted tobacco while kissing? fucking disgusting
Melody Bouska:
I'm a country girl all the way love my frog legs crawdads my tractor so if you a problem with that u can kma
Nancy Buzenes:
chew Tabasco " " " spit love it
Purpleshep Son:
Man this song is so cool like Blake
Reese Johnson:
this is absolute shit, come on blake
Rockstarvlogs rock on:
im a country boy in ga the peach state
Lmao he's such a redneck in this song ;)
The Himmler:
Jesus fuck how do people listen to this retard babble?
bre_wiltbank wiltbank:
down south we know this song by heart

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