Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton

>>Steph Baldwin>>Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton
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Carl Cowan:
Funny thing I was in 3rd grade and my teacher played this song to the class and she could not turn it down in time and it said shit 😂😂
Christian Lewis:
I like this song because I'm a redneck
Colton Barfield:
this was my cousin's farvite song he dead
Dean Winchester:
why does Blake and Luke look alike
Jenna Buehring:
this is my favorite song I love it sure wish Blake Shelton would sing that song to me someday I love that man
Jeremy Wilson:
Hey dad how was your day today ?
JohnQuarius Ervin:
Is all of these 1k dislikes because they haters because Blake Shelton is the best country singer
Jordan Sawaged:
I listen to a lot of rock (Metallica, Avenged sevenfold, etc) so can someone explain what the fuck a honkey-tonk is? 😂
Kylie Jeen Show:
If you didn't Hear this song as kid you weren't raised right lol best song Eva
Nicole Dunlap:
I love being a country girl/framer yeh
Reckt 17:
you missed some reds in the lyrics
TitanFall 2 Player:
Being a country person is great
Tony Zappa:
I love Blake's music I listen to it all the time
Tufenuf Always:
great to be one of the boyz round here,lol. Redneck and proud of it!!  This song speaks to just how happy life can be as long as one doesn't over think and complicate everything..
_ѕαναgє_ _ѕαναgє_:
This is called redneck not boys round here

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