Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton

>>Steph Baldwin>>Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton
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101st Airborne:
i love red red red red red red red redneck
Abigail Williams:
I don't know why I'm listening to this as a girl from upstate New York, but
this song makes me laugh I love it so much
Christian Lewis:
I like this song because I'm a redneck
Jenna Buehring:
this is my favorite song I love it sure wish Blake Shelton would sing that
song to me someday I love that man
Jeremy Wilson:
Hey dad how was your day today ?
Jordan Sawaged:
I listen to a lot of rock (Metallica, Avenged sevenfold, etc) so can
someone explain what the fuck a honkey-tonk is? 😂
Manas Sarkar:
I mainly listen to rap and hip-hop but this is a damn good song!
Nicole Dunlap:
I love being a country girl/framer yeh
Oscar Morales:
well I'm Hispanic and I love country music I love the South and I love
rednecks girls
The Pessimistic Jets Fan:
Am I the only one from New Joisey who likes country and rock.
Tony Zappa:
I love Blake's music I listen to it all the time
Tyler Joyner:
fishin huntin and lovin everyday
_ѕαναgє_ _ѕαναgє_:
This is called redneck not boys round here
our family vlogd:
a guy who has a crush on me sings this song to me
tati mami chula:
being locked up in the country all we had to listen to was country I used
to shit talk country always digging and pissed when it turned and well here
I am listen to country I'm as Mexican as can be and people looking at me
sideways because I'm that Mexican wanting country as a first choice hahaha
love it don't judge a book by its cover he'll yeah all my hands are raised
for country and Vicente Hernandez jajajaa

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