Cole Swindell - Chevrolet DJ (Bonus Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Chevrolet DJ (Bonus Video)
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Bronson Barlow:
Chevrolet and country music go together like bread n butter.
Chantal G:
This song!!! ❀️ I can't get enough of it! Can't wait to hear you sing it live.
Chiro Peters:
Who else loves Cole Swindle as much as Chevrolet
Connor Rohner:
love the Blazer in the music video
Erika Blagowsky:
every single he has I love love one more and more every time I hear it
Galaxy Girl:
another great song by Cole πŸ’—
George Powell:
like the song could have used a small town girl instead of a model though.
Hailey McCabe:
Jen Franko:
Cole Swindell, 😊 i remember my friends at home. from the philippines here
Jesse Rocha:
great song cole !!

greetings from saltillo mexico
Marissa Greene:
would have been awesome if the same girl form chillin it was in this one as well but still a great video and awesome song!
Maximum Music:
You never hear any artists making songs about fords! I LOVE CHEVY'S!
Morgan and Colleen Brady:
Cool video for a great song. Love the 72 k5 blazer, modified just right...watched the video a bunch to check out the cool details on who ever built the truck. I wonder if Cole owns the truck himself? If I were a country star I would want to own every cool truck in my videos.
Robin Pollock:
First, that girl is gorgeous!! second, another one knocked outta the park, Cole! Congrats to you and Carter!!
Timmy Watkins:
god i LOVE his music. hes AWESOME

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