Cole Swindell - Chevrolet DJ (Bonus Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Chevrolet DJ (Bonus Video)
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Baker Boss:
anybody notice he's driving a FORD bronco
Connor Rohner:
love the Blazer in the music video
Dylan Czerwinski:
You are one of my favorite singers
Jacob Almanza:
Chevy should put this in their commercial!! #TeamChevy #Cole Swindell!!
Jen Franko:
Cole Swindell, 😊 i remember my friends at home. from the philippines here
Jesse Rocha:
great song cole !!

greetings from saltillo mexico
I love American coutry 😍😍 from Czech Republic
Mark Schaefer:
C'mon man, I like your music but there is very obvious shitty autotune and
that girl's got way too damn much makeup
Mia Mullis:
omg I love this song so much you are my favorite country song player Cole
Music Man:
Lemme tell ya somethin´boyz an gals...this vid an song is a DREAM
Randal Freiman:
Everyone can relate to this song. Another great one from Cole.
Tracie Mcdonald:
Cole Swindell you are a wonderful, giving, man! You have truly touched me
this Thanksgiving Day. I just watched the meet and greet with
Chelsea....tears just started streaming down my face before I even realized
it. I don't personally know Chelsea, but my son and daughter in law are
close friends. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving her your
time and attention and for being the person and amazing artist that you
Ty McKinney:
Love his music and he just seems like a chill, and nice guy
I love Cole's voice. He has the potential to make some great contributions
to the country genre. But this song is just a string of bro-country
cliches. And, of course, we have the shout-out: "We got some Willie / We
got some Nelly." How many times have we seen this? Yeah, we get it, you're
so cool that you play classic country AND pop/r&b/hip-hop. Yawn...let's try
to be more creative with the lyrics next time.
sarah dodd:
His voice is one of a it

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