FBU All-American All Star Game 2017 - Fastest Man Competition

>>utrhighlightvideos>>FBU All-American All Star Game 2017 - Fastest Man Competition
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the run away slave speed kicked in
when they let the retarded kids play with the normal kids in recess
Clorox Bleach:
Fuck wrong with pajama boy.....
Fug Babylon:
Thats how coach make running into a game they wont even know their getting in shape
GenNexXt Scouting The Blueprint:
Vinson Davis & Jaden McBurrows should've raced
Ian Bannister:
Ayy there hand shake is a obj hand shake💯💀
P Swaggy:
Had to guard zion at a football camp💀 burnt me up on slants all game
Paul Fonkwo:
why does the white kid have blood on his white tights? aha
Revius Green:
They ain't faster than Darnay holmes
Thuox Mayo:
Dude with the red headband was mad annoying "ye" "ye" "ye"
ikr dude:
I want to see Ft.Lauderdale Hurricanes vs Maryland Heat

    FBU All-American All Star Game 2017 - Fastest Man Competition