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They must like the boondocksits a. Good show🙃
Billy France:
I did not know Little Big Town sang this...
Brett Koeshall:
This is actually one my favorite songs from Little Big Town.
Carla Scott:
When my mom is no longer here I'm moving to the boondocks I love the country it's who I am
Christian Civilization Network:
This is a song about the Scots Irish Americans (Mostly Appalachia) but it applies to anyone with heart ❤️ for their people.
Christopher Perry:
Reminds me of crawfish in’, Graden Hill, Ontario, Canada. It was beautiful.
D Christopher:
All you need! Good people, good music.
Faye Metlife:
If your from any small town in the 🌎 you can relate to this song. It reminds me of the things I'm greatful for from my small hometown.
Handy Fix:
I think this is my favorite country song. It is everything country music and the people who follow it are all about.
John Doe:
I came from a small town in TN population of barely 200. This song takes me back to it.
Leigha Fisher:
i miss them so much. i can't believe this was so long ago.
Leo Bair:
Lived in on the edge of a small town all my life. But I wasn’t born in the boom docks I was born in a Jeep in the Lowe’s foods parking lot
RPG Craftsman:
There's a boondocks in each state; go to New York, Oregon, even California, and you'll find one. I was raised for 14 years in a little town in California that's closer to the Nevada border than to Sacramento, by a factor of at least 5. No better place in the state.

Pray for the success of our CAL-3 bill; we need every inch of support we can get at the moment.
Roberta Maestas:
Me and my dad sing this song all the time
Ryan Hahn:
I was born on the side of the road not sure I ever left

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