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Allison Hosier:
this song gets to me..... i love country music and i live in the entertainment capitol of the world.... makes me think of my childhood and my second home that I visit during the summer.
Brent Reddick:
dis my shit. ain't from the boondocks though
Dolly Diaz,anderson:
you get a poul i get a line will go fishen in a deep fishing hormone song thank you
Harley septiceye:
im from the country part of Michigan. i am this song to a T.
InternetTroll Alert:
I live in the middle of nowhere Alabama and I can relate to this song so much😂....
K & E Fleming:
Can relate to the lyrics, the music is really good------ sounds very Modern Woodstock/69.
Kitties and doggies •_•:
This song sucks ass it is so irrelevant that u have to type little big town after it btw what kind of name is dat go fucking listen to a good song it's called bad and boujee
From southern il and when we went to fl my sister said we live in Illinois in the greater st Louis area and she was like .. Oh! Where's st Louis? THE EFFIN CROSSROADS OF THE EFFIN USA!
aww, i remember my mom showing me this when i was a kid
you will be missed, mama
Rich Seliga:
back when you could ride in the truck bed so dangerous yeah right
Snowqueen381 Martin:
folks who know me well call me a 'redneck', but truth be told, I was born and raised in Alaska ^6. see? so we all have sometin' in common, if we get pricked, guess what, our bluish blood will still turn red once it hits oxygen. Livin' loud, and proud of who I am! *that's how we northerners' roll* So why do I love this song then? Do you still have to ask? *Don't worry, call it your blonde/brunette moment for the day*
Tills Mackie:
1st time hearing all  these songs from Little Big Town, Awesome music, I love the song.
Valerie Torossian:
Grew up in Alabama and moved to Michigan for college and just stayed. This describes the south almost to a T. We use to throw huge parties in the corn fields, no one was excluded. Now I'm in a northern city and it's more country than the heart of Dixie. I'm just saying... I miss home....and being warm. It's like in the 80s down there and were around 15 or so. I'm sooooo cold.
chris schmelzer:
I'm no die-hard country music fan--but this is one of the most beautiful songs to light my heart on any morning--especially the last part "you get a line" etc--oh, I'm seeing angels again!
soloboss is a boss:
who came in here by an accident and thought that this was the boondocks theme

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