Little Big Town - Boondocks

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Desha White:
I look up boondocks song and this came up. I thought it was a rap. I look dumb
John Strohsnitter:
I'am a New Yorker but I feel more like a good old boy southern maybe I would be considered a northern redneck well maybe other Newyorker's can learn how to have that type of way of life and how to treat others better instead of being rude and disrespectful and self centered
Born and raised country girl of WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!! <3 City girl by day, Country girl for life.
Karo French:
This album got me into country.This and Tim Mcgraw. I was a rock girl most of my life but new country is great
Kharsen Hale:
Downs, KS. Population: 800 this song speaks to my soul
Nathan Wisen:
"i want to quit here" she was like
Rihanna Segree:
There's actually a tv show called boondocks
Tina Jones:
Where is Liz Roeder Easterly when you need her or better yet her mom...who rocks.
Trampas Grove:
Best songs ever. County is where it's at!! LOVE IT. ...
Universal Destroyer:
These songs are country not the new country
William Thompson:
Karen needs to strike out she's the voice ... I hate how she's in the backgrou
aarmau fangirl:
My teacher showed us this song and now I love it 😍 and so does everyone else to in my class
braxton marteny:
Ford's are the best my dream car is a mustang boss an original 4 silinder dream vehicle is a ford f250 diesel powerful (truck) for people who don't now about cars/trucks other wise known Chevy(shity)fans
kitty ditty tried:
I wish I was from the boondocks
nunya business:
I just love this song, and to see the video now... They were younger here... Mind blower... But very powerful.... Blessings.................................

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