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Alex gehring:
XD played this song over and over and over ;-; best country song
Armando DeLaTorre:
im from the city whats the country life like
Crank shaft:
.......and church on Sunday morning
D Christopher:
This song brings me back to normal. Today with all the corruption, greed, un ethical behavior etc. I have never wanted to get back to basics as i do now. This is Life, This song is real life!
Did You Just Assume My Gender:
The boondocks isn't a place its a lifestyle and even more home
Greg Sansom:
do you what a genie in a bottle is??????  a new date and a bottle of wine  er
Jacob Cooper:
Northern michigan backwoods grown country boy. The way of living My old hometown of pere Cheney, michigan
James Lastman:
Hah, listened to this song about a 100 times it, it brings me back to my small hometown where I grew up, and yes, background words "learning about Jesus" and the "Crawfish hole" and love and living just made me solid today...great song!
James McCartney:
When your from the boondocks it's from all around this land ,just remember are fore father's were from the boon docks and they built this country
Loren Pierce:
Being raised in Tennessee I would say not too many folk would be walking around in the tall grass in flip flops....... if you have to ask why then you ain't hillbilly country.
Peyton Pitts:
Proud and loved backwoods Alabamian girl. Gas station 14 miles ahead, just south of little church and fishing dock. SO relatable!!!!!
Rachel Torrence:
Reminds me of playing in the ditch after a big storm in my home in Oklahoma. Wish I never moved
Back woods Molalla, Oregon girl right here
el mas chingon:
Straight born in the Detroit projects
valerie thomason:
I'm from the middle of nowhere but you'd be surprised how much less pride people take in their small town roots when their small town is in the middle of the god damn desert.

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