Little Big Town - Boondocks

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Alicia Ayala:
I guess u have to be born here in the south cause it sucks.
Amanda King:
I love Little Big Town, and this is the first song I heard by them last year. Love the Boondocks. Rocks it to the max and then some.
Brandon Houghton:
Dear Lord please watch over and protect my wife. And our children in Jesus mighty name amen... Please destroy all terrorcosts in Jesus mighty name anen
Dayna Jingles:
I wish this was me. I want to go where it is simple I am done with the hard core rat race! Ugh! I'm a wanna be....cry!
Emily Szafryk:
Those this band in concert! This will always be my favorite song something about it just makes you smile.
Gene Paulk:
I can from the boondocks in Alabama and if you don't like that all I can say is 🖕🏻!!!! With love !!! 👍🏻👍🏻😎 PS. 🐘 Roll Tide Roll 🐘
Jenny Sunell:
id be proud too.....................
Jesse Lott:
I agree with the person who says rednecks will survive the zombie apocalypse!!!!! #rednecks are awsome
Julia J.:
I'm proud of where I come from!!!
Not really a county fan but can't enough of this song even after all these years.
Michael Johnson:
Good to know David Spade pursued a musical career.
Spencer Winburn:
I'm a fan of this song and decided to create a music video, check it out --->
Steven Chapman:
Songs like these make me feel so old lol
My sister loved Little Big Town's song Little White Church, i didn't like the band until i found out that they were the singers behind this song Boondocks, that's when i started liking them too.
It's cool to be proud of origins, but let's not be ignorant that the south is full of imbred people, this is where thick glasses buckteeth and poor intelligence come don't see that up's sad because it's not a child's fault that cousins have babies. Let's not be ignorant but instead try to breed with someone we are not related to.

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