Little Big Town - Boondocks

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Brent Reddick:
dis my shit. ain't from the boondocks though
Davy Boy123:
I like the old Little Big Town then their new stuff
Dolly Diaz,anderson:
you get a poul i get a line will go fishen in a deep fishing hormone song thank you
InternetTroll Alert:
I live in the middle of nowhere Alabama and I can relate to this song so much😂....
Julie Ann:
I smell the scent....Church on Sunday morning..
Katy W:
hi I like food my name isn't katy I like food
From southern il and when we went to fl my sister said we live in Illinois in the greater st Louis area and she was like .. Oh! Where's st Louis? THE EFFIN CROSSROADS OF THE EFFIN USA!
Lord Shagan:
can anyone tell me what it's like growing up in the south? like what the people are like how is it different from the North?
Richard Schiernbeck:
knowing to have respect for everybody around you if you don't you have nothing
Oh man this song takes me back 👍🏻
Tills Mackie:
1st time hearing all  these songs from Little Big Town, Awesome music, I love the song.
Toi King:
Sing it little BIG Town. I love there music and Lady Antebellum as well they ROCK. Cheers to you.
ashlee clevenger:
i was not born in the boondocks but i surely was raised on farms and in the boondocks. this song so describes me. muddy water in my blood... all the way
charles berndt:
I like to fish in muddy water lol I like this the boondocks
soloboss is a boss:
who came in here by an accident and thought that this was the boondocks theme

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