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BRUTE 6060:
proud to be from louisana keep it frikin hillbilly
Jeez, how many cases of incest occurred during the making of this video?
Catherine S. Todd:
Why would anyone be "ashamed" from growing up in the "boondocks?" Most of us would have loved that compared to growing up in a city!
Cheryl Yatsonsky:
Reminds me of our home in Canastota NY 5 miles from Sylvan Beach
Debbie Brown:
this is my it....from a small town outside of Jacksonville...
Dr.rainbow deoxys:
dirt, trees, stickers, rocks, wheat, and the sweet smell of cow crap in the morning.
Gilbert Landell:
Steven is absolutely right. America is were we we have freedom to live like we want to.
Harvey Parsons:
I am very proud being born in West Virginia and proud of being a West Virginian
Kylee Tingstrom:
One of my absolute favorite songs to play on guitar!!!!
Rhonda Boncutter:
I am homegrown Southern Hillbilly! Proud of it, all my family played guitars, banjos and fiddles! We loved to sing on the front porch, in the yard, music everywhere we went! Lots of dancing, good food and love!
Sierra Blevins:
my mom said this reminds her of Florida
david horan:
beer can n suwm line w rednekin
ed Button:
i thought it was an old lady singing this song till i seen the video
jonathon keilman:
this song I love so much yee yee. It makes me want to kick off my boots and run through the mud feeling it intbetween my toes
Born and raised in the Groveland, Ma. And I can feel that Merrimack river running through my veins.

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