Little Big Town - Boondocks

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Amarel Barrow:
God bless 2005 Little Big Town love them and this song!
Betty White:
I am going to see them on Saturday night August 5th at sweet home Oregon I am coming back Monday morning August 7th at 10:00 in The Morning I am leaving on Friday August 4th at 3:30PM
you suck! You don't even know where that word came from or what it means. Hick!
Da FattyIce:
the ending to this song is one of the best
Danielle Hudak:
This song makes me proud to be from a small town in the boondies!
Emma Hommerding:
i grew up listening to this song i loved it then and still do today
Hot Rod:
Nothing better than country music on a hot summer day.
Jerry Bolling:
God that curly headed chick is HAF ..!!! 😱😱😱
Mark Jones:
The one and only thing in this life that is the most important is family, it's not until you are across country that you appreciate them more then anything
Mary Martini:
much love an LIGHT God Bless HAPPY 4th be safe 💜💜
Matt Burge:
Is the lead singer fella still in the band? If so how come its always female leads?
Rhonda Boncutter:
Grew up poor, but only poor money wise! I had food, place to sleep, family love and great banjo and guitar music on the front porch on weekends!
Ronnie Dizon:
Trivia.: The word Boondocks was originated from Tagalog/Filipino word Bundok which means Mountain. :)
Shawn Carney:
Steve there's only a few things a man can call his own and be proud of it
mary lytle:
got to see you in concert last friday night at winstock 2017 in mn you all were awesome !!

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