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Alex Dingee:
Born a rebel but raised a Yankee.
Aquarius Mayors:
No matter where I go I keep my heart, mind, and soul in the boondocks. So true.
Ava Schwitzke:
I new how to sing this song ever since I was 3 years old
Deidra Earley:
I'm from a town where if you blink on the highway you've missed the thirty mile dirt road home
ELITE Spite:
Why am I here I live in California
Erika Yarrington:
Why are they standing on plastic if this is where they're from?
Hyper GamerTV:
I’m from the city (Washington D.C) and if you play this song you would get shot
Janice P Ellis:
Nice song, but looks like diversity doesn't exist in the least not in THIS video anyway. All of one kind of anything makes me a little nervous.
Judah Emory:
This whole song is words to live by.😊
Mitchell Hatch:
Oh, I love country music so much.
Russell Fletcher:
Coming from the back part of California. The San Joaquin Valley. Breadbasket of the world!
Sammy 'Cod' Winchester:
I fucking hate country music but I love this song
Sylar Carr:
Muddy water running through your veins! You need to see a doctor about that!!!😋😷🤕🤒☠
I’m from Michigan but I was born and raised in the backwoods❤️
johnathan Kipke:
love this song toltely contry just like me.

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