"Cops" - Gabriel Iglesias (from my I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy comedy special)

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"Cops" - Gabriel Iglesias (from my I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy comedy special)
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Angel Shining:
which is the one where he is talking about being in India and their driving over there ---etc ---if someone knows or has the link
Angelie Calmerin:
"if they get ghetto who do i call?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i kennat
Cory Gibson:
Fist time watching him! He is hilarious!
Deepak gs:
that's called parenting baby lol
Emily Mendoza:
you should do another one about your girlfriend because this one was very funny.😄😄😄
well.... that's one way to get you're kid to do their homework
"We have your father we are coming back for you in one hour, do your homework"
I'M DYING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaya Mast:
fuck the 510 people who don't like this vi
Kelon Gray:
not only is he finny but his show is Alan shoe. no filth no garbage.
The Random Hooman Being:
the number one way to get your kid to do their homework
When you found out your gf was pregnant:
If you bring random cops and FBI people at your house and convince Frankie that they're the illumanati ready to take you and him, he'll probably get all A's on his grades lmao
Yuki Ama Ama:
My Uncle He's A Cop And My Daughter Doesn't Know..... I Pulled A Prank On My Daughter Miko!! He comes over "Bing Bing" "Miko Baby Go Get The Door For Mommy!" She comes back MORTIFIED I Say "Baby What's Wrong?" She Says "Mommy.... The Police Are Here And They Want... Y-You...." I Say "Baby... Take Care Of Your Daddy... OK... Bye Baby...." My Dad Says "PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!!" He Arrests Me I Scream Out The Window "BABY TAKE CARE OF YOUR FATHER!!! Dad Yells Though The Microphone "Miko We Have Your Mother And We Will be back for you in one hour as well as your father!!!" We Go Down To the Bar For an hour and then we come back in my Kid sitting there and she comes running and screaming "mommy mommy your home your home I I thought you got arrested!!" I say " It's A Prank Baby.... It's Uncle Akira..." We All Start Laughing.... I say "I'm Sorry I Scared You Kitty..." Best. Prank. EVER!! Got the idea from Gab!
little animations:
Your an ass" what's he doing" he's doing his homework" XD XD HAHAH THAT KILLED ME
LOL... only Fluffy would think up on the fly likethis
zagadka 314:
…Did… Did you really have a warrant?

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