A Young Comedian At The Apollo

>>Vesperity>>A Young Comedian At The Apollo
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Alexandria Wilson:
way funnier than Kevin hart anyday
Caleb Davis:
Why is people calling home lil kevin hart? he did stand up b4 kevin hart lol if anything kevin hart was the next jj
Cardib isautistic:
everytime he names a holiday mascot they laugh like is the easter bunny and santa claus's name really that funny
Cheyanne Harvey:
The next Kevin hart 😂😂😂😂😂
Dee Early:
see the elite don't want this type of stand up on a mainstream level
Lol Really Kelly took my girlfriend... Disnigga knew the truth
Nicholas Collins:
you are freaking funny katt Williams
Shaydes Of Blue:
Classic this kid funny.. Old school
Tanesha Murray:
I remember the night this aired I was about 12 and I DIED of laughter
The Office:
I could watch this a hundred times and I’ll never not laugh 😂😂😂
JJ was funnier than kevin Hart... but comedians usually only around 5 years then here come the next....
Tina Dalieh:
He's the cutest thing ever 😍😍😍😍
Didn't this kid have his own show on Nickelodeon.
jordan smith:
that is good j you should be on nickeloden man good acting bro man i had braids in my hair when i was little i was just like you man i woke up i used to watch every morning on nickeloden you should bring this show back i miss this show keep up the good work jj you could try to get some beautiful girls with braids man
keith cozart:
if this was 3014 he'd only be good for vine.

    Lil' J.J. makes the audience laugh with his "Kids and Adults Are The Same" jokes. He had me laughing.