darius rucker-come back song-lyrics

>>Cobey Carr>>darius rucker-come back song-lyrics
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This song is true, but I have a new motto after the first time I heard
this: everyone ends up dead in a relationship. Those who don't are the
lucky ones
Haytham Kenway:
This has been my favorite and it will be my favorite song till i die
Jason Barr:
Rucker rocks.........love his music 
Love this song
It makes me feel
Im in fucking love with this song<33
Kelvin Gonzalez:
well I woke up this morning so sad didn't know why and than I heard this
song on the radio haha I love it it made me feel soo much better. your
awesome Rucker. Best song of the day haha whos with me? lol
Not really into country but way i decieded i would give it a shot :D 
Toxic Rabbitania:
Omg this is the only country song I like
grace donovan:
Wow. my Aunt Amy told me about this song and made me obessed from when i
was 8. im 10 now. i
jacob trantham:
I hate country music, but this song speaks volumes to me. This is how I've
been feeling 200%
kim platek:
i love this song. i know hes not comming back but always have hope! 
marijane whitaker:
My ex just sent me this song. I don't know what to think...