Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!! Chino Hills

>>PassportplayasTV>>Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!! Chino Hills
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David Hannah:
liangelo never making ot to the nba
Deric Brown:
why didnt u show the score points at the end
bruh this dude melo defense is invisible
Jacob Lucas:
Subscribe and I'll subscribe back
Jake Bowman:
i see a great shooter but a kid that doesn't hustle up and down the court and cant play defense.
Jimmy J.:
Wheres the defence on this kid? Lol.
John Roy:
LaMelo is fantastic.. but I wonder about the "travelling". Two steps without dribbling is travelling. LaMelo is seen going 3 steps without dribbling.
Lizard Skaarl:
Lamelo doesnt play defense at all 💪
*** NEW *** LaMelo Ball goes DUMMY in PLAYOFF WIN!!!
Rudolph Schenker:
Yeah he plays d like a globetrotter
Best parts at 1:43...youre welcome
dents navarro:
Lemelo ball just like all the ball brothers are trash the NBA would be better without them
largon 03:
People need to stop the hate, i mean this kid is so young and talented you have to give credit when is due. He is literally making it look easy, i bet half of the people talking shit wouldn't score 6 points in this league if they were given the chance to play. Let these guys (ball brothers) play and stop the hate. Same thing with lonzo, everybody bashing him because he was the first player to come out with his own sneaker and guess what, shit sold out with all the shit people were talking, and also wishing for him to suck during summer league and guess what he did? Exactly! He played his ass off and did more than good. Learn to give credit, especially with guys like them, they don't talk shit at all their father is in charge of the shit talking so why hate his sons? smh..
I can't wait for all 3 of them to make it to the lakers...1 down 2 to go
what are the blue shoes melo always wears


This matchup was set up to give the Globetrotters... Chino Hills another showcase game to display their athleticism! Poor Franklin was used as bait to rip apart like a selfless pray. National Prep Stars on PassportplayasTV

Chino Hills WINS 92-57