Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!! Chino Hills

>>PassportplayasTV>>Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!! Chino Hills
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Aaron Hubler:
Melon should change his last name to harden if he doesn't want to play defense
Don Pablo:
Maybe Lonzo will do something in the pro's, if their father can ever shut his mouth. But, this Melo kid is garbage. League is garbage. Worst basketball I've seen in a while.
Francisco Romero:
Dude don't play d.. that's even worse than having sorry defense
James Harden:
say what you want...i like the way that LaMelo kid plays..
Javaris Mcneil:
lamelo ball in better than Lonzo ball.
Martin Walker:
I think that the number 21 is better than Lamelo
*** NEW *** LaMelo Ball goes DUMMY in PLAYOFF WIN!!!
Racer X:
If you want to teach your kids how to play defense, step one is to not show them this video.
The flipper:
Lamelo doesn't even try on defense
Trey Yung:
It be a lot of fouls on chino hills that dont get called if you really watch it
bob smith:
every vid i see of this kid the other team are patsies are you fucking kidding me they play shit teams with the worst defences
boy vs girls Showdown:
the new one more
e w we can you can get a
worst basketball I've ever seen.... please take one more shot from like Half court for no reason and also please run one play for the whole game where you just huck the ball from your endline to someone waiting under the other hoop
noah lewis:
how come when every Eli Scott throws a half court pass to liangelo the other team can not catch the ball
s/o to the rest of the team for saving it every time Melo missed


This matchup was set up to give the Globetrotters... Chino Hills another showcase game to display their athleticism! Poor Franklin was used as bait to rip apart like a selfless pray. National Prep Stars on PassportplayasTV

Chino Hills WINS 92-57