Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!! Chino Hills

>>PassportplayasTV>>Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!! Chino Hills
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Alex Sokolov:
#23 on the other team is without doubt one of the lowest iq players i've ever seen. 5 v 1 and he won't even think about passing the ball lolol
Chuy Aguilar:
yall just jealous he better then all yall dumb asses
Elhero Annon:
man his shooting form is ugly, but he surely can shoot.
Jose A Ramirez:
What ever happened to strategic skilled basketball of the 90s and early 2000s lol
Kimball Holmes:
4:53 was definetely double dribble, the time stamp might be wrong but its betweem 4:50 and 4:55
Krypton ADDEG:
What sport is this they be throwing the ball from one side of the court to the other side of the court
Nesq N:
None of theses kids are ready for the NBA they're only ready for high school ball smh
*** NEW *** LaMelo Ball goes DUMMY in PLAYOFF WIN!!!
Red Fox:
lamelo has no chance of getting into the NBA
Roger Mcdonald:
You can do that type of shit when you play no D and snowbird the whole game. Kid is going to be trash in college unless he somehow forms some type of defensive presence.
Sarcastic_ Taco:
If lamelo keeps taking threes he could get destroyed in the NBA same with liangelo
Shally Rajput:
Does this guy seriously do no defense, he will never make the NBA like this
Soldier of The Most High Army:
The court is too small and the basket is too low.
Vox 0:
Not a hater but lamelo cherry picked almost every single play with gelo how is he going to go anywhere with no defense
can you keep up:
Why do they just throw it to the other side


This matchup was set up to give the Globetrotters... Chino Hills another showcase game to display their athleticism! Poor Franklin was used as bait to rip apart like a selfless pray. National Prep Stars on PassportplayasTV

Chino Hills WINS 92-57