Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!!

>>PassportplayasTV>>Melo just CLOWNIN!!! LaMelo Ball make opponents look like Washington Generals!!!
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Alejanrdro Cano:
Whereas that travel @ tho 9:50
Aurelio Palos:
This is horrible basketball. Wtf did I just watch
Bobby Paterson:
I finally found some attempt at defense at 2:55
Constipation 6:
Those are some big ass niggas
Doug Taylor:
they need a new coach seriously! that player who inbounds the ball by
launching it down court STRAIGHT out of can't be serious
Geovanii Oprea:
would be so many turnovers in the real league
Jacob Phillips:
dude it high school basketball it's not the NBA it's like 2 minutes a
quarter in high school cause I play on high school team
Kevin Montresor:
If I was their coach i would bench some of these kids. No need to throw
alley oops off the backboard
Tarzan Madness:
For all of you guys who are just commenting even though you have no
experience at all with basketball, none of the players are cherry picking.
They are actually very experienced with basketball fundamentals and they
know what they are doing. In fact, they are so good at putting the ball
into the hoop that they don't need plays because their press and their is
hustle is very strong and crucial. LaMelo is very accurate with the
football pass, which he throws with one hand and Liangelo, being a good
rebounder, gets the long pass with his body and strength. Then, he uses his
size as an advantage, pushing and weaving through the opponents, leaving
them helpless as he scores. This is the very reason Liangelo has scored 56
points, 65 points, and 72 points in his games. He has a special level of
confidence that can be called "short term memory" where he shoots the ball
anywhere at any time and he doesn't care if he misses or not, he thinks
about the next play after he shoots. Eli Scott is very good at passing as
well as hustling. He can shoot from almost anywhere inside the three point
line and has a very strong percentage of making. He can also dunk and has
many steals from his defense. LaMelo also is very good at stealing passes
and passing. #21 has very good athletic body so he can jump high and grab
crucial rebounds for the improvement of their game. Overall, all of the
starters for Chino Hills has their own way of delivering the ball and all
of them are better then average starting high schoolers.
The Tiu Times:
I would've benched that whole team. No discipline. This kid gonna be a
reject Brandon Jennings. Cocky as shit in high school and not doing shit in
the nba
Troy Fox:
he good but just on offence no defence so he suck
Will West:
Lots of great talent out there!
joseph harris:
This is honestly some of the worst basketball I've ever watched the
throwing Hail Mary passes their defense on is worse than James Harden and
Melo put together and he's throwing dumb passes and all he wants to do is
so long threes
Just like Curry, only shooting no defense
tyler ghidossi:
how come every game they play. neither team plays defense. when i watch my
schools varsity team play, they all play defense and actually have plays

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This matchup was set up to give the Globetrotters... Chino Hills another showcase game to display their athleticism! Poor Franklin was used as bait to rip apart like a selfless pray.