Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape
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Abies Imasuen:
this is stuped have handes like kyire he doesn't. even have his owun shoe
His handles are ok but his form is so bad my god. If you want to get in the NBA work on your form.
Hayes Altomare:
0:33 look at Julian’s teamate😅
Jacexchain _2017:
kyrie is better than him kyrie is the boss
Josephine Tanedo:
Hes a good dribbler but his short
Mad X:
If he had a better handle than a kyrie irving now he is playing on NBA:D
Manitej vevo:
His face how can the compare with a NBA star
Marv Emmanuel Getino:
Asa kapa boy..baka sa akin kalang umasta
....hahaha..lay up mo nga nd ka marunong eii pakyu🖕🖕
Sales Coordinator Francis III:
dont hype this midget he aint reach god level kyrie
he is pure talk
cant wait him in the court
Ill smash his face just as i smash his body in the floor.
YT - Roblox & more!:
wait hold up really omg hell nah no handles better then kyrie
Ybn Glizzy:
This kid is trash as hell kyrie could bite off of someone in 1 dribble move and if that don’t work he has a backup crossover, this kid uses all of his dribble moves at once, plus it takes him forever to finally lose someone, nigga they ain’t even playing defense, way worse defense then James harden 😂
airdyn Hardy:
He's not even close to his level and stop comparing kids to NBA players
his height will not get him in the nba no matter how he plays he can however be a water boy...
tony rubio:
lmao this is still funyy till this day elite mixtapes should be ashamed to say some dumb shit like that this kid is overrated kyrie wasnt
zeditor 1542:
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    13-year-old prodigy, Julian Newman gets ready for his seventh grade season (3rd year playing high school basketball). Most of this footage was shot when Julian was only 12 years old.