Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape
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This is dumb better then an NBA player and that's good at dribbling...
Gina Truong:
How is julian Newman better than kyrie irving
Irfan Azeem:
kyrie have exposed dozens of these guys lolx, dont disrespect the NBA players plzz stupid ppl
ItzYeahBoi VLOG and GAMING:
you deserve more dislikes because of your title
Latoya Hicks:
He good but not better the Kyrie
Louise Paguia:
He cant style if nba player guard him
Lunatic Asylem:
Am in 2018 right and I know for a fact........NOT EVEN CLOSE
Pedro Martinez:
dont compare this shit to Kyrie Irving ever again
Phil LaPore:
Kyrie would kill him 1v1 and no he does not have better handles the irving all that sweaky stuff wouldnt make kyrie flinch lol
Postman Waddup:
Turn off audio. Go to 1:09. Replay.
(Satisfying video) :D
Lol did you say better than Kyrie Irving๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ dead
Trap_ Kingzz:
This guy cant even hypnotize me lol in our village basketball league im always awrded as the "best defender"
Winsdale Rogers:
Nice skills but never have the best handle from kyrie
kehm BOT:
tf better than kyrie (who tf will ever have better handles then KYRIE IRVING LIKE THIS DUDE IS DRUNK or something)
yannick willems:
Wtf pfff u must be one dumb fuck

    13-year-old prodigy, Julian Newman gets ready for his seventh grade season (3rd year playing high school basketball). Most of this footage was shot when Julian was only 12 years old.