Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape
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Caitlin C.S:
All I see is hate when I scroll. He's just a kid why can't everyone just calm down. It's your opinions on if he's better than Kyrie it doesn't mean you have to be so rude about it...
Carlos Magenst:
hes not better than kyrie but is good like kyrie
Cool Kid:
the thing is that julian newman probably has better jukes and moves then kyrie irving but he dosent do anything with them whereas kyrie is a bit less jukey. but kyrie always get the job done l Julian dosent really do anything with the ball other than just handling it
Geeky B:
nope don't ever compare anyone's handles to The Great Kyrie
Guy 47:
Kyrie is way better than this kid Kyrie was able to dribble the ball with the left hand at 2 years old and make left hand layups at the age of 6 on regular rims so there is no comparing this kid to a freaking NBA professional Kyrie irving
Ian Abello:
hes good but dont ever compare him to kyrie
Lucas Archuleta:
kyrie can do all this he just don't risk it in games
MLG Infinity:
The kid is crazy...but Kyrie Irving is in the NBA for a reason...
Think about Mr newman is crossing fcking school kids MR IRVING IS CROSSING THE TOP 300 PEOPLE IN DA WORLD
Mr. Reverseking:
Obviously Julian is good because he was able to play on a High School team at 11 years old....Plus I think Kyrie Irving is like his inspiration so even Julian would say he doesn't have better handles than him.....And for the people that are saying his shooting form is ugly, look at Lamelo Ball shooting form.
PutMe InCoach:
Lmao your tripping, nobody has better handles than kyrie
Toon Cloud:
Don't even try to compare this kid to kyrie Irving it's sad how ppl disrespect kyrie like this
ethan goggin:
he can't even get in the fucking lane for the lay up this is the dumbest shit I've ever heard
james torno:
He ain't better in the advertisement kyrie is so fast while the fat guy is drumming Kyrie 3
joan perdomo:
he's always doing the same moves in everything he probably doesn't know more moves in basketball

    13-year-old prodigy, Julian Newman gets ready for his seventh grade season (3rd year playing high school basketball). Most of this footage was shot when Julian was only 12 years old.