Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape
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Cvcvghhgg Ffffggg:
He is not got better handles than kyrie Irving
Kyrie would cream this kid and make him dive so far all the way back to his
high shcool to play against people who should study the definition of
He plays against high schoolers kyrie is going against the best basketball
players in the world.....big difference
HereCome DatBoi:
I'd beat the shit outta that kid if he threw the ball at 1:10
Jacob Mauro:
If he's better than Irving than play 1 on 1 with him
Jenny Essell:
This kid dribbles to much if I were coach I wouldn't play him
Kanye G:
He has good handles just not as effective as kyrie
I'll body slam that little nigga if he hit me in the head with the ball
Niko and luka Ball:
heys a little bit of a show off
Picapollo Productions:
Tf? I thought his handles were gonna be better than Kyrie's?
Young Savage:
you know you suck when your mixtape is 75% layups and passing
Zachary Sunderland:
Why does he wear his jersey retarded
Zyaire Lewis the basketball king:
what equipment do you use for him
iTz Nebularr:
This dude don't got handles better than Kyrie the fak u mean automatic
dislike no respect
nah I don't even like Kyrie Irving I think Cleveland is trash but still

    13-year-old prodigy, Julian Newman gets ready for his seventh grade season (3rd year playing high school basketball). Most of this footage was shot when Julian was only 12 years old.