Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape

>>EliteMixtapes>>Julian Newman has Better HANDLES than Kyrie Irving? Official EliteMixtape
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Black Goku:
Brave Cyco:
Julian Newman does not have better handles then Kyrie Kyrie will cross Jim up so badly that when he gets crossed and every body makes fun of him he won't play basketball any more cause he doesn't want to get crossed again so yea he does not have better handles then Kyrie and tell me who made more ankles breakers Kyrie or Julian Kyrie of course no a fence Julian Newman
Cboy H:
You know what i see this kid doing amazing stuff and yeah he is a beast but what about his defence i have never seen a video on it , so if he cant play de then there is no point in him being good on offense please prove me wrong by showing me a vid
Clutch Goat:
You need to pray for whoever named this video. NBA players even agree that Kyrie is the best ball handler and then this kid whose in 7th grade has better handles? No. I hope Kyrie can play after laughing his ass off
no wdf dis kid can have handles all he wants its disrespectful to put him againest kyrie im pretty sure he would say no
how many times you said Kylie Irving
Nike Ballersq:
No not even close kyrie haters!!
Nikolas Luis Luna:
Why did you compare my idol for that one?
did kyrie became julian newman?!?!
this mother f*cker...
hold the fuck up this lil ass nigga does not have better handles then KYRIE IRVING one Julian plays with people his age or one year older Kyrie plays with super stars people that 10 older then him
Lol, his handles are good but not better than Kyrie's...
VictorPlayz 05:
Imagine this guy putting Allen Iverson in his mouth
Not that he isn't good but you can't compare him to kyrie. He's a kid who plays hs basketball while kyrie is an NBA champion
YT - Roblox & more!:
You said he has BETTER handles then kyrie irving kyrie is way faster and can move the ball better then him
nbaliveking mobile:
But when kyrie was his age i bet he couldn't do that.
swag a boy got the juice:
no he doesn't he has it then curry

    13-year-old prodigy, Julian Newman gets ready for his seventh grade season (3rd year playing high school basketball). Most of this footage was shot when Julian was only 12 years old.