DJ Khaled - You Mine (Official Video) ft. Trey Songz, Jeremih, Future

>>DJKhaledVEVO>>DJ Khaled - You Mine (Official Video) ft. Trey Songz, Jeremih, Future
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Hip Hop,We The Best Music Group,DJ Khaled feat. Trey Songz,Jeremih & Future,You Mine (Official Video)

Anissa Gray:
In all DJ Khalid songs he say this the best music or I'm the one back up singer 😒😒
Dominic Silva:
DJ khaled your not the best your the Shit haha
Faizan Elahi:
4:32 they got hassan whiteside in the music video
Fantom Nation:
Haidutski Kur:
Transvestigation - Another One. Check out the silicone dudes next to Trey Songs, he's even more feminine with barbe! And Jeremih knows about it lol 1:30
Jose Rodriguez:
I like that! Another one! Lol work more wit trey that vato 🔥
Lance Pipkin:
Dj dont sing if u see his name its mean he made the beat he a DJ he makes beats
Misto evidence:
future is the best in this shit
Phyllis Spearman:
look here rappers we so over seeing all these women grinding their behinds in your faces etc. . we no sex sales but for how long? I'm so ready for something new now!!!! indulge us okay, give us more credit out here. take it to another level it's gettin' tired. do something else. the song and lyrics are hype!! nothing wrong there!!!! change it up it's time rappers!!! put some men in there with the women. Just throwing something out there. peace, love you all my niggas
Tysean Vines:
that song came before 2015 christmas
denim jeans:
out of anyone why was Hassan Whiteside in the background
The real question is: Where are they mining at? Goldmines? Coal? Acid?
frank mwinuka:
DJ khaled you is only sure dj your member from tanzania
john thembinkosi:
wish it was just trey, jeremiah and maybe another singer, not rapper
mark waugh:
No naked girls
No bad lyrics
 No shity music
 No use of *Authentic VIEWS dot com* to get views
Great song
Amazing music

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