DJ Khaled - You Mine (Official Video) ft. Trey Songz, Jeremih, Future

>>DJKhaledVEVO>>DJ Khaled - You Mine (Official Video) ft. Trey Songz, Jeremih, Future
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We The Best Music Group,DJ Khaled feat. Trey Songz,Jeremih & Future,You Mine (Official Video),Hip Hop

Becky Phanord:
This song deserves more than 11views
Brandin Ellis:
omg this song sucks ...gave me a headache
Brandon McNeil:
Why tf was Whiteside in this video 😂😂 nigga corny smh
Carl Lazarraga:
I just noticed hassan whiteside at the end lol
Future killed that last part. Dang. I was like what
Edem Peter:
hahahaa , DJ khaled //
who can talk //
nobody ...//
Joshua Ugwu:
And Rocsi Diaz said DJ Khaled ain't never done something for the ladies
Nia Wright:
Dj Khaled I love this song You mine with future and jeremih Trey songz
Rich Black:
wats going on people..Tell me wat u think about my brand new song..I would appreciate it.
Vito Andolini:
Who are those two light skin girls!?!? Plus that girl w the japanese tatt on her back!?!??
Zdank Zdale:
Two music producers be talking in a studio, one asks "How is good music made? Guitar riffs, good vocals, a sexy bass line, more guitar, more riffs that hit like trains?"
The other producer looks at him dumbfounded, "No, you tard. Horrible lyrics which're extremely repetitive, a shit tonne of auto tune to cover up the fact that we don't know how to use our fucking cash wisely enough on good vocalists, some black people singing about sex and illicit substances, the occasional mumble which may come off as rap and that's how you top the fucking charts."
leaha gilliam:
yeah that is right trey songs
desi chambers
What's song is the future verse from at the end of the video?
4:10 sleep with my covered in mud da bud I wanna fuck with these bitches no levadeba got a fat on my wrist I wa milla yalla got a fat on my wrist ama yalla malla
Юрий Юрьев:
эта жирная туша портит клип)

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