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my name is Beverly. My fiancée is coming home January 16, 2017 for good.
He's been wounded an no matter the condition I will be taking care of him
forever. I love you Jeremy.
Bill Flanagan:
did he record this beautiful song on any of his CD's? if so which one?
C L Duncan:
How can you give a thumbs down?How bout thumbs up your ass?
Carla Hall:
Lonely Road of Faith!! I Love This Song! Thank You to ALL who fought for
our freedom!
BTW...Kid Rock is Sexy in this video( and all others too)!!!
Christy Callon:
One of his best songs.Love you Kid Rock!
John Richards:
Not a kid rock fan, but..... God bless all my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.
I love you all.
Kristine Litstrom:
such a rocking Christian song
Lisa Stewart:
I will always be with you in spirit my dear. Go find love honey. See I
can't protect you or EMINEM if I'm with you I'd love you to much and people
would hurt you. Cryptonite. With Thomas AKA Evil Jesus well he's who he is
and whatever comes his way he'll handle it whatever. he's not my cryptonite
all I have to do is think how he Fucked me over and " You get what you put
in and Muther Fuckers get what they DESERVE "
l love U and Eminem forever.
Shannon Stjohn:
I have the upmost respect for our military... I was raised by a Vietnam
Vet... He is my hero still to this day. Kid Rock reminds us all about the
respect and devotion we owe our service men and women.. Thank You Kid
Tammy Graves:
Awesome song to our military
Terri Raye:
I was a fan way back when he first started with "I wanta be a Cowboy"! He's
come a long way!! Kid ROCKS
Thomas G O'Neill Jr.:
God Bless Our Great County and Men and Women who stand watch over Freedom
and Liberty 24/7/365 Semper Fi
Tonja Morris:
I love this Man.......please come see me ,........In Indiana love you
lunch box tooth pick:
Curt Cobain didn't die he just wanted to sing country ow he is!
sheila westbrook:
Who is more American than KID!!!

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