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Andy Gascon:
Kid is a True American ✌🏻😎🇺🇸
Anji123 Passion:
now most entertainers only care about the Democratic party they are no longer Patriots thank you Kid Rock God bless and keep you
Jeremy, you will come home soon. As I listen to this song I cry everyday cos of what the military did to you an others. You were suppose to come home, but no. I don't care what anyone says, the military is so back stabbing. even though I love you I can't believe what other troops tell me. With Trump president we are all doomed. I pray for you Jeremy an the other troops.
Ethan Taylor:
I'm sorry you have had such a lonely walk of faith. I am a little crazy about you and your friends. I am a beautiful person but still i stay so sad always thinking about ehat to bring to Gods attention to pray
i will pray for Donald Trump the military and mother Earth her self in the 5th dimension and some of her own and people who understand the at Now time to do a lot of regular cards and prayers. I am the only I am Alison McQueen. of enlighteningment the best movie ever.
Karen M.:
We will NEVER make it through the River of Change, too many floaters, Kid, cuz some Losers just wanna Hate.....
Kelly Snavely:
It's been a while since I've watched you. You are the only person I've paid to see in my adulthood. Sad to see you posing with Trump. Hard to understand after this powerful video that you do support him. Still like you, don't like Don.
how can you believe in a god of love and carry a rifle into a foreign country to shoot other humans at the same time??
Larry Jimmy:
You are the biggest douche bag of all time. Did you buy knee pads to suck on trumps old cheeto dick, I bet you love golden showers. Your fuckin music sucks, and your uncle teddy who shit his pants on purpose to get out of going to nam, what a fuckin hero. Why don't you two cum dumpsters get married, fags
Lucas Shaffer:
16 years ago when this video was made. Kid spent a week in Germany doing everything possible. he was always there for the fans. I don't know when he slept during that time. He was either doing stuff with the military or partying. My buddy got his hat. I got lots of friends in this video. i got to meet him and JLo she did not do much for the military besides this show. Most of her time was spent in the hotel but at least she was there. This all happened 3 months after September 11, 2001. God bless the military and God Bless kid rock for everything he did.
Melissa Marcou:
kid rock do you know what mother fr is mother Sexer mixed drink? hope you quit drinking. prayed for you and family. happiness. lots of luck with faith.. painful stuff.
Mellaine Burns:
I'm still deciding on this one but we all ready know it's gonna make it I agree itsawesome
Paula Mckinnon:
forever feeling The Kid
Ryan Sean:
I could not agree with you more AJ
Terry Ward:
! awesome song,love the way he gives back especially the troops!God be with them all!
jerome ennis:
Never get tired of posting nor listening to this one.  Kid Rock Rocks and is totally real and sings his life.  Wish I had the talent to do same.  So, all I can do is RE=Post.  Enjoy or Kiss my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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