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This song goes out to the faithful men out on the road. We are away from our families but close to the Lord. It's constant maintenance daily to follow the Lord but worth every minute for Him and my family. Thank you Jesus Christ for every minute to serve you in my job and the little things we work on together daily. It's when I try to be my best You show me what I need to work on. Thank you Jesus! See you soon... It's the harvest season!
Andy Gascon:
U have the best DRUMMER SHE ROCKS βœŒπŸ»β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽΆπŸŽΆ
Birgit Kiener:
Der Ami und seine Freiheit,die er anderen all zu gerne beschneiden.
Bradley Hinds:
USA will never be defeated. We carry the Gospel of JESUS. Kick ass and take names Kid Rock and our military power. Jesus saves
We are not send our military men and women to defend other countries any more! Defend our own border!
John M Coulson:
God understands our military and stands by our men and women that serve our country and for those who bad mouth Trump I got a 9 inch long dick you fags can suck on for booing Trump he is only doing his job as our leader and if you ain't down with Trump all I can tell you all is suck it go mister president go keep doing a hell of a job that your doing my prayers are with you sir
Lisa Stewart:
Totally Love this awesome MAN MR. Kid Rock , sure wish I could see that boy again ... Yeah it's me Kid .... I'm in Little Rock can't get on my Facebook don't even know if I want to .. To many bad fucking memories , but I may start a new one tomorrow with new pictures or NO I may today so everyone will know I"M just fine. living at the Salvation Army sure with no I pray you come back to Little Rock , because I want you to be my Johnny Cash ... Lisa Lynn Stewart,,,, DIVORCE I am getting NO ,, Hell he's still married to his first wife Vicky so legally we aint even married .. And I'm sure God agrees YES I broke Vows to but in September when "HE" AKA Thomas left Little Rock I repented and STOPPED SINNING .... HE did NOT.. NO I'm not perfect but 10 commandments all the way.... I smoke , been clean and sober for a while... Loving it but I am going to drink again one day and probable get HIGH , but not let the shit control me so KID I'm not bitching about your drugs no more.. Anyway if its meant to be you'll get this.. It's you I want ,, I do Love Eminem though I'll tell you straight up I love him just as much as I love you and DID love Thomas , but Eminem and I would kill each other we are JUST alike . I will never betray you again.. But I will not tell you I do NOT LOVE the RAP GOD because I Do.. PEACE and LOVE ..
Nancy Paul:
I don"t think kid rock can ever sing a bad song every thing he sings is good
Patty Zuck:
Bobby is simply amazing. love the old and new. God bless K.R
Ronald West:
great video ever made whoever gave it a thumbs down with all due respect go f**k yourself!
Steven Wilson:
OH Bob gives a good show,old stuff and the new. I think I have to say I like his grown up self a little bit more. I have slowed down a little over the years,but I haven't put it in park yet! Stay happy and smile at someone you don't know,it confuses the hell out of them,but possibly might be the only one they get that day! Live,and love people, time creeps by fast real fast,I know!πŸ˜βœŒβœβœβ˜―πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Todd Turner:
kid rock is awesome I like to get the chance to meet him
This is still my favorite of yours Bobby !
mark gormley:
god bless the people that fight everyday to allow us to live normal lifes.

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