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C L Duncan:
How can you give  a thumbs down?How bout thumbs up your ass?
Colleen Allen:
I will stand by America and God till I die,god bless my rebel ass
Dylan F:
Proud of you Jeff..counting down the days..hurry up December. I want you home my Soldier! 😍
John Richards:
Not a kid rock fan, but..... God bless all my Brothers and Sisters in Arms. I love you all.
Lorilei Guillory:
in 1976 my mom passed away then 3 months later my brother roger was murdered at 19 years old. that was s bad year I was 13 then. anyway the picture of Roger and his girlfriend Elsie taken right before his death ironically resembles kid rock it is a scary look alike. really truth too.
Marthan Smith:
this song goes out to my son who is in the U.S. Airforce and to all who serves to protect us and others. God Bless Each the every one of you. and to the people who has ever given me a difficult time with lies for God knows the truth.
Michael Gruening:
To all my Brothers and Sisters, Much love!!!
Robin Maynard:
Shannon Stjohn:
I would love to be a part of this .. Thank you service members for all you do, the past the present and the future... Thank you so much.
Stacey Eslinger Moser:
play this at trumps inageration
Tonja Morris:
I love this Man.......please come see me ,........In Indiana love you
candace scott:
find comfort everyday my 25 year old son was murdered in wpg mb canada shot and was recorded dying his name is tyler Raymond Wayne kirton age 25 years old 1month till murdered January 3rd 2017 tears never stop I lay with his ashes in a wooden box forget life now am dead have a 22 year old daughter raina 17 year old daughter asia 9 year old daughter saddiyah next birthday is jade will be 14 years old February 15th life is gone from our gental giant my everything want so much to be with him i forget the girls life my health as I'm passing this family has been through hell and this is the worst out of my 43 years of being here we have suffered since our births and still do used to make the best out of all the non stop bad the horrible things done said seen been through something everyday beg for my son talk to him wait for him to come in my room where I lay sick last 5 years told last year end of November it's ending for me and fast chose to not stay in no hospital be with my children pray on a miracle as was told could not have kids tests showed but this time tests are all rite and refused treatment cause of my son i lay here in the dark holding him his life flashing before my eyes watch for signs of him hear n see those lil signs no words help every word conversation with 4 girls anyone turns into tyler and the confusion begging wishing to wake up or him to duck his head as he is very tall and everyone's gental giant waiting for him to come in this doorway Into the dark saying mom and talking need my son murdered for helping a girl saying her boyfriend was beating on her he raced over was shot by 16 year old coward who apparently was doing some kinda gang inisuation sorry tears and if spelt wrong my son hated violence against women anyone his size was all he needed to use he gave many happiness joy love accepted anyone made them family he is alot like me want his name tyler Raymond Wayne kirton to live on travel this world
I raised him well and sisters through all the evil and pain loneliness suffering my son i need you i write and talk to you hold you always wait for you or to join you my viking son love your mother come take my hand take me with you son
jeanette shallow:
God Bless the Kid. If anyone needs rock and roll it's our men and woman who serve this great country. Detroit is definitly with them. I never seen Kid cry, but it brought tears to my eyes. God bless.
mory vitalle:
kid rock why dont you serve i did all yoy do is make money off the war like bush did yoy FAKE PIECE OF SHIT oohh you still trying to say your from detroit rich spoiled rich asswipe
sheila westbrook:
Only music that will be played at my funeral hopefully years from now!

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