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Anji123 Passion:
now most entertainers only care about the Democratic party they are no longer Patriots thank you Kid Rock God bless and keep you
Darlene Pedersen:
Thank you to all the members of the US military, past and present, who served for my freedom. And thank you to their family members, who served in their own way. God bless you all! Thank you Daddy for serving your family and country!
Gregory Spencer:
Its are soldiers that gives there LIFE'S so we can live THANK YOU KID ROCK for showing are appreciation to THEM.your ONE hell of a GREAT PERSON.
Kelly Snavely:
It's been a while since I've watched you. You are the only person I've paid to see in my adulthood. Sad to see you posing with Trump. Hard to understand after this powerful video that you do support him. Still like you, don't like Don.
Lora Shepard:
all my huntin. Drunken rowdy friends have settled down but they still love that sweet loin. this internet is better than counseling I was suppose to try that first but this talking to self may just work. I am just me
Lucas Shaffer:
16 years ago when this video was made. Kid spent a week in Germany doing everything possible. he was always there for the fans. I don't know when he slept during that time. He was either doing stuff with the military or partying. My buddy got his hat. I got lots of friends in this video. i got to meet him and JLo she did not do much for the military besides this show. Most of her time was spent in the hotel but at least she was there. This all happened 3 months after September 11, 2001. God bless the military and God Bless kid rock for everything he did.
Melissa Marcou:
lonely road! cool stuff happening roller skating, base ball, football, basketball.. great stuff with "harry". grape wine. ( it happens everywhere you go) I see abundance and smell growth.. even if. mercy me!!! login it! feel like today is gonna work out. god be with all of you. see ya kid
Stephen Flowers:
kid you rock. I live down the road from you in Needmore Alabama
Steve P:
Tony Rodgers:
For all the men and women out their give it all for us.. thank you
Wanda Williams:
IT is a lonely road to faith and yes god IS great indeed Amen
brian mcconeghy:
as a desert storm vet after 12 yrs svc in navy and army god bless kid rock american as the flag.
β€œIt is only in the CREATION that all the ideas and concepts of the word of God can come together. The Creation speaks a universal language that does not depend on any human speech or language. It is an eternal 'original copy' that all men can read. It cannot be faked or counterfeited. It cannot be lost or changed. It cannot be kept secret. It does not depend on man deciding whether to publish it or not. It publishes itself from one end of the earth to the other. It preaches to all the nations, and all the worlds. This natural word of God reveals to us all that man needs to know of God.”
― Thomas Paine
kip Green:
God is Great. You just gotta believe!!!
scapachekid 1986:
I LOVE kid rock but this song sucks!

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