Kid Rock - Picture ft. Sheryl Crow [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Picture ft. Sheryl Crow [Official Video]
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Kid Rock,Sheryl Crow

Alyssa Farrera:
why do we have so much pride love you r
Amara Astra:
I love this so much but it brings back memories of my hardest times
Bobby Elesky:
Kid is a very talented guy. Honestly I wish he'd do more of this type of music. That hillbilly rap is below him.
Cassandra Jones:
I love this song I grew up listening to it with my mom and aunt and sadly my aunt is no longer here and this song still can put a smile on my face because of memories I share with her
Clark Pitts:
if Cheryl was any HOTTER,,, she would be doughnut grease.......!!!! ;)
Donna Robinson:
I miss my man!!! come home to me baby!!! love you forever!!!
Eric Lee:
I am! But I love Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow!
Hotter! Lol:
I'm happy and sad at the same time
Jeff Reynolds:
I just can't drink you off my mind
Karicat Watts:
He reminds me of a guy that I would've been really fun friends with in younger years. Skateboarding and pimpin jobs at the swap meet for 20 bucks a day. Then go get a sack of weed and pimp some beer for the weekend... He's very legit. It's him that has kept him going. Music is one thing he found to do that with. Woo hoo
Kyle Lynn:
Fuck me this song hits hard sometimes :(
Pamela Ridings:
as sleeping songs came to me.moo
Rachel Silvas:
i love this song its my sons fav cause his dad died 😍😇😥😭
Wanda Compton:
T%his is my favorite song with Kid Rock. I love it
Wayne Brewer:
this is such a beautiful song! brings back so many memories! gets me all nostalgic

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From the album "Cocky".