Kid Rock - Picture ft. Sheryl Crow [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Picture ft. Sheryl Crow [Official Video]
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Kid Rock,Sheryl Crow

the last chick I was with hated this song because she knew everytime I listened to it I was thinking bout the one before her
Amber Soo:
Kum 2017 a Mizo in ngaithla in awm em?... a lunglen thlak ka ti.... a nalhhhhuhh😭😭
Blaserzed 3301:
To Chelsea and Sarah from Detroit


Sincerely : The guy from the cruise.
Dustin Harford:
My grandfather used to love this song. It makes me cry every time I hear it, but at least we sang it one last time. I played guitar and we sang together as he lay on his death bed. Brings back some good memories.
Husayn Belthren:
I put your picture up im alive"!! honarble ,but primitive Eianstiean cant even shine ,my boots fuck your swaga"! the love,of a mother baby pass ,me the salt lets watch shaft" ,to the yoda bithches",and the jedis bithches,",and wrecking ball" bitches"and ,to nebalm and ,to j.w. m.t.f ,and to the color cordinted m.t.f ,and to Dr C ,and Dr.Dream ,and your Prof" his bodybguard pauli D wasnt protecting him kurt the fucking flirt sad ,but true" try ,not to take my post down Sunshine ohh"!!! mmm.mmmm
Jeff Gerwin:
the kid always looks like he needs to wash his hair
Kim Denler:
song reminds me of sad times, when my partner addicted to crack!!Β  song so true
Lucy 05:
sang her part of this with my favorite brothers buddy at his keg party. . ....of course it was awesome! !!!! lol. ...
Mayuri Mukherjee:
Who else is listening this on 2017?
Montana Daley:
it makes me feel like a bitch for ling to my friends
Parker Reilly:
This will forever be a good song
Peyton Olson:
My mom snuck me into a bar to sing this song with some other people when I was like 8. The guy who I sang it with ended up dying due to someone stabbing him a few times and then lighting his house on fire. Crazy how life finds a way to haunt you
Priya Raja:
reminds me so much of my ex..
Robert Andreone:
sheryl crow.sexiest smile in all of hollywood... and damn can she SING
just love this song..... all I need to say!

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From the album "Cocky".