Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me

>>The Life Of Scott>>Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me
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Antonio iglesias:
i clicked here for the song, idk who is scottt haha, no disrespect. but
cool dude
This neck really loves himself
Deadpool 337 Constantine:
this song reminds me of me when I was little
Ivan Woodruff:
I'm sorry Rong video I mentioned to send that to filthy Frank's gay self
and his ugly self
Izzy Ruiz:
COUNTRY MUSIC, love it, breath it, live it, enjoy it. simply the BEST.
Jackson Sullivan:
your the best singer of all time😳😳😳😳😳😺😸👏
Jody petre:
Love this song! ❤️❤️
Kelsey Smith:
I love him so much!! Love his voice. This song make me sad because I miss a
lot of friends different schools when I was little kid and now I grow up
and I still miss a lot of friends so much. I love his songs so much!! This
is what I'm thinking about my dad how much I missed my dad so much!!
Maddison Turnbull:
this dude singing aint country at all 😞
Shannon Miller:
gay as fuck! How can u get any gayer? lol
Tiffany Edwards:
I love your music💀🤖👾👽💩🙈🙉🙊👦😹😸😺👿😈👹
ashley phillips:
I love ur music my fab song from u is ex to see
dave hannasch:
Are these all pictures of Sam Hunt growing up???
jennifer Thacker:
I absolutely LOVE this I've never been to a concert definitely would love
to watch this
joe sarni:
sam hunt is not country.
this is spoken word pop rap crap.
sam hunt is not country.

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