Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me

>>The Life OF Scott>>Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me
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Amanda Smith:
When I'm sad I always find myself watching this song
Andie Morgan:
I love this song it is my fav. and I hope who ever you love misses you so much😘
Brtt Abt:
I'm not sure what this video is about but if the dude died its pretty damn sad
Donna Maria Calori:
Wow! This is when a gal needs a 2nd chance! or does he! When you love someone so very much it doesn't take much for he or she to recall those beautiful moments...maybe that person won't need a push to be missed. If a person is so hallow as to move on like people are trash...then they aren't worth one moment more of your time!
Sam ^^^^ unique twist
Heven Hamlet:
u r amazing don't let anyone tell you different because god made you like that and all those bitches that have commented on your video that have said something rude cant be talkin because i bet them $200 they cant sing as good as you
Kimberly Chataignier:
yes sir heading to the hill country .....
Kirsten McGraw:
I love this song😍😍😘😘
Mo Mo:
When I wore my ex BF's shirt I caught my shirt on fire.. he didn't stay..
The Life OF Scott:
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Ursula Beckes:
it is really fucked up when you miss someone
Zara Robitaille:
Such a great song to listen to:)
angela taylor:
this song make me cry I miss him so much but he hurt me so much
princess destiny marie:
November 2017 anyone 💕❤️✌🏻🙏🏼
robert delira:
Make me miss you too ummmm...🍕🍟ok I do 👍
every time I hear this I hope one day she would call me n say she misses me but I guess I'm wrong. maybe it's time to move on ......

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