Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me

>>The Life Of Scott>>Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me
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Alison Northrup:
You did not know I would be dead. Now you do. Remember me..
Audrey Loudiana:
1:27 that picture lpoks like my dad I started to cry he died when I was a little kid
Cameron Barker:
love the guy in the pics....tbh I think he's cute...who agrees?
Courtney Olive:
💔😞 If he only loved me like I loved him.... But he wants other things I guess.
Jori Brim:
We'd been married 8 months today I miss him so much R.I.P. Cody Allen sneed
Justin Anderson:
I miss you Katelyn stern I'd do anything to have you in my arms again I love you girl hope to get the chance to have you in my arms again .
Mace Patton:
Raelyn love you xoxo love you love love you xoxo xoxo love you love love you xoxo xoxo love you xoxo
Maggie Nason:
Miss you Melissa Hill from Ray your ex-boyfriend
Sam Smith:
The man that saved me when I lost is my country boy... I love him and I'll give anything and all of me. Samuel Smith i Robin edge love you
Shea McCollum:
I LOVE this song soooooooo much
Sunny75 Anthonygirl:
Yes there is no way my man can walk away from me and nOt think of me, Same goes for me I miss my Anthony the moment he leaves my side
Tanya Artiaga:
I dont even have an ex...why i am still feeling this song so bad 😭😭😭 ahh sam knows his songs 😭😭😭
Vicky Stark:
If you like FISHING check out my YouTube videos :)
faith downtain:
Great vid Sam I am a fan so is my step sister🐁
kyler moses:
the slideshow of dude makes me lol

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